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1st Sight of San Francisco Bay

July 26th, 2009

and I was so excited I forgot to snap a pic… – haha.

Well, I’m just about done pedaling. Less than 5 miles left to go. Hopefully will be easier to navigate than yesterday was, California roads are not easy for a stranger on a bicycle.

It started out fairly easy, mostly farm roads. I had to do a lot of stopping and checking to make sure I kept on track. The central valley, where I was, seemed pretty much a drained swamp, lots of creeks, canals, freeways, and train tracks. My main concern was getting on the wrong side of one and having to head south rather than southwest and having to find a way back. So I just took my time. I found myself on Rt 40 again, after a 2ooo mile detour

I had left “The Mother Road” back in Illinois. Was neat to be back on it. I stopped in a bike shop to double check my route. Their first reaction was, “Hmmm, that’s kinda tricky” But they confirmed a new bike path and gave me some pointers on transfering off the path and onto McGarey Rd. (a frontage road for the hill pass into the Bay Area.

I stopped at the Solana County Sheriff Office

but they were closed and I couldn’t find anyone to take the bookset, so pedaled on.

I finally found my way to McGarey Rd and found it closed and gated… (eeek). That was a bitch because re-routing was through canyon roads and miles out of the way. I pored over the g-map on my phone and finally decided to ask some Paramedics who were having lunch. To my great relief, they said to go around the fence, “bikers do it all the time, much safer…”

Of course, most bikers do not have a cart. Luckily the gate was high enough that by removing the wheels on the cart, I was able to drag it underneath

This road led to a “dead end” street that was purported to have a bike path at the end. I had to go up and down a hill and was relieved when the path appeared, and that is where I caught my first sight of the bay.

I need to pack up and get to the ferry, so will close with this pic I could not resist taking

“must be getting close” – lol

pedal pedal…

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  1. July 26th, 2009 at 12:16 | #1

    Speaking of manlove there are a lot of guys that would be happy to give you a big hug for all that you do for liberty…Congratulations! Aloha.

  2. joe g
    July 26th, 2009 at 14:56 | #2

    Glad to read that the journey has not tarnished your sense of humor!
    I am so proud of you!
    Aloha – joeG

  3. July 27th, 2009 at 19:13 | #3

    Awesomeness dude!

    Bet you’ll be glad to give your ass cheeks a rest!

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