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For Liberty – “Let it not be said, we did nothing”

April 26th, 2009
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Sliding Down The Slope

April 26th, 2009

Walk for Freedom

April 26th, 2009

Ride for Ron Paul

April 25th, 2009

Awakening The Sleeping Giant – A Bicycle Ride

April 24th, 2009

This ride is about honesty; doing what we can to help our fellow Americans take an honest look at the problems fast overwhelming us, and spark honest discussions regarding solutions.

I must admit that I fear for this country, and the world itself, if  “We, The People” do not stand up to halt the descent into tyranny of our present path. These marriages of “special interests” and government has put America on a slippery slope, from Freedom into Fascism… Hence, the undercurrent of my ride.

Riding fromThe Statue of Liberty to Alcatraz, We all must do our part to awaken the slumbering giant. In my opinion, an aristocracy has been trying to arise in America, and tyranny is raising its’ ugly head. In America, resistance to tyranny is duty. Resist by spreading knowledge and inspiring activism. Join me!

“Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito.”-Virgil

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Island Walk

April 24th, 2009


April 23rd, 2009