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PA Rocks part 2

May 26th, 2009

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Two things I neglected to mention last night (am sure there will be more…) are the excellent State specific handouts Scott Davis’ group made for the ride. I hope other states along the way do something similar. Something simple, covering local candidates/organizations/issues, that I can seed the route with

Secondly, I told the group last night, and will say it again, but if you are in PA and I don’t get a chance to tell you personally, I consider you all heroes for the effort you put into the 08 primary. You had a late primary, the campaign was pretty much over, but you got out the vote and grew the movement, regardless.

PA truly does Rock


PS – Scott saw on the last post that my vid of our LEO friends in Chester County did not upload correctly, so he grabbed this off his footage

Thanks, Scott


Day 2 – PA Rocks :)

May 25th, 2009

Ahhhhh… much better today. Glad to have left the eastern seaboard. I love the NYC area, but not for biking through. Anyhoo, this is about PA

Here is the NJ Statehouse where my ma and bro left for home. As you can see, Tony has passed the second Gadsden off to Liberty Rider #3, Rob Pepe.

Rob was great to ride with. He is an animal about liberty and had a bunch of signs to plant on the way. He had bought the bike from a garage sale the day before adn was up late last nite painting it. He rode abou 20 miles and then got picked up to set up the BBQ. We got lost a heap of times (parade detours again. The good part of that is being able to get literature to people we ask direction from. Got the basic flyer into the hands of three local LEOs on parade duty and dropped off small stacks at a few convenience stores

After he left I made my way the rest of the 40 way and was finally joined by LibertyRider #4. My battery waqs dying and there is only a short QIK clip of him that I will have to find, later.

I talked to a few people when I stopped for lunch. One guy cringed when I used the term fascism, but later I saw him reading the entire handout and wonder what was going through his mind. One girl recognized the corpo-gov definition of fascism immediately.

The big news was the picnic and getting a deep, Hawaiian kine hug from the local Sheriff in Chester County. Some things can be felt, and heart is one of them. The people of Chester County are lucky to have her.

She throws a mean shaka, as well

I’m very disappointed the QIK cam upload did not make it and will not use that for anything important again.

She brought a car down for us to use for photos and was accompanied by the Deputy Sheriff Harry (? sorry, need to start writing this stuff down.) who was kind enough to mention that I will always be welcome in Chester County.

The big news, for the ride, was that she was going to email all of the other sheriffs on on my route through PA :D. The really good thing for the r3VOLution though, was she is planning on asking Sheriff Mack to come speak in PA… Such is the effect of reaching out with courtesy and respect…

Just Do It!!! 😉

There are tons more pics from multiple sources. I was pleasantly surprised that a co-worker from Hawaii, Joe Graziano, had moved to NJ, found out I was on the road yesterday, and came visit today. He is a real photographer. I look forward to seeing the pics.

I’m sure I am missing a bit of news to report, but have to get some sleep. I felt my rhythm returning today, and should be able to write better in a few days. I again want to thank all of the PA folk who came down and gave me a fantastic welcome, (and a cool sticker)

much aloha, all

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Ride For Honesty – First Sheriff Office Lit Drop

May 25th, 2009

Working out the bugs, finally got this loaded…

pedal pedal


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A New Supporter in Jersey

May 25th, 2009

Met George and his lady as I was packing the trailer

One mind at a time…

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Opening Vid at Statue of Liberty

May 25th, 2009

Here is an opening vid shot from Liberty Island. The second one we shot to QIK was much more passionate and on target, but suffered technical difficulties. Such is life on the road…

Onward and forward 🙂

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Day 1 Statue of Liberty to Trenton

May 24th, 2009

Barely made it and am feeling the miles deep in my bones. It’ll take a week or so to work up a rhythm. Till then the posts may be a bit short and staccato. Am uploading vids as we speak, and due to techical issues I may not get any pics up till tomorrow.

The day was very tough, but went well. Found some bugs I’ll need to sort out, and am bummed the best take at the SoL seems to not have made it. Ah well, ya puts in yer quarters and takes yer chances. I have a back up, but does not have the passion the later one did. Maybe it’ll be in my phone… I’ll look as I get other issues sorted

The big news is that the Newark Sheriffs Dept asked me if I want a job, “because they need more people around here discussing these kind of issues”. In fact, I had great responses from all three offices that were staffed on this holiday weekend. One vid I am uploading has “before and after” clips from the inaugural Sheriff canvass. I am just starting to develop my pitch and did not even broach the subject of getting the officers on cam.  Almost didn’t get a set to the Union County Office, as I was prowling around looking for an open door (I had been directed by a city cop) I ran into one desk-jockey who wouldn’t even get out of the chair to look at what I had.  Didn’t seem like a bad cop, but not a good one either.  After realizing he was not going to lift a finger, I moved on, circled the building and found nothing, was about to give up and decided to go around back (where I had found the helpful city cop earlier. Hoping he was still there, I turned the corner to find he had been joined by… a sheriff.  This guy was much more pleasant, and after hearing my spiel, said he would personally put the materials on The Sheriff’s Desk. I was stoked that persistence, and dogged determination paid off.

What made today extra tough was pedaling through an unknown metro-area. Metro areas are nasty places for a long distance ride. I was suprised we got no flats, lots of glass, etc.. to avoid. Navigating in cities is tough as well. Very easy to miss a turn (especially when there are no streets signs) and get into a bad place . We muddled trough it, but one wrong turn put us where few bikes tread, (an elevated expressway) we got off the next exit, but added three miles and it adds up quick. Then there was the parade detour which added a couple more miles to a growing day.

I asked two cops on the street, separately, for directions, both got handouts 🙂 One helped to refine my speech with. He was in his car talking to a girl on the street, when I rolled up and politely interrupted for directions, after answering I mentioned what I was doing and handed him some stuff. Then said, “I took an oath to defend the Constitution, not to defend Corporations, Bankers, and Corrupt Politicians. He liked that and I swear I saw that part of his memory light up behind his eyes. “Ya know, you’re right” he said.

The best was Newark though. The security gal minimally informed and called the Sargent down to take the materials. He came down with a HUGE man and I proceed to pitch. “I’m pedaling that bike out there from the Statue of Liberty to Alcatraz, because that is where I see our country headed, and we all NEED to do something about it.

I am working on the pitch to slam fascism. What I said today is variations of, “One definition of Fascism is the marriage of corporations and Government. The word scares some people, but if we don’t do something about it, history may just treat us more unfairly than it has the Germans.

Lots more on the mind, but I need to sleep and the second vid just started to load, Will post picds and vids tomorrow, (G-willing)

Till then, much aloha…

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Ride For Honesty…Begins Sunday, May 24th

May 24th, 2009

Thanks to ROBPATOZZ for this posted just before my trip began.

See you soon!/mm (editor’s note – the article says in 10 hours,

but the journey has begun with Michael on his way to NJ now)


In approximately 10 hours, Liberty Rider, Michael Maresco will begin the start of another historic journey. Riding for honesty, he will traverse these great United States, spreading the message of freedom.

While the preparation began months ago, Michael will mount his trusty stead, aka Wal-Mart Schwinn bicycle, outfitted with many modern conveniences, on May 24th, 2009. After taking the Ferry to see Lady Liberty, he will return to terra-firma and start his sixty three day trek. I will have the pleasure (and pain) of joining him for a portion of the South Eastern Pennsylvania leg of this journey on Monday, the 25th, Memorial Day.

Our day will culminate with a good old fashion Memorial Day cookout, sponsored by the local C4L. In addition to Michael being our guest of honor, we will be met by Chester County Sheriff, Carolyn Bunny Welsh. Bunny is the only female sheriff in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She will join us for the festivities, and speak to our Liberty Rider regarding the Sheriffs’ role as the highest elected constitutional authority in the county.

We hope you can join us!!

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