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Going with the Flowing Layers

July 9th, 2009

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A trip like this has many layers, many angles to attempt to keep in line. All projects do. Being able to roll with developing events, keeping a “show must go on attitude” is where we win.

I’ve been having trouble getting a blog up. My “routine” has been broken and I am adjusting. I live for this kind of stuff. Yep, some things are hard… good practice, that’s for sure…

I’m lucky to have witnessed the r3VOLution unfold and watched/participated in the manifold attempts of “cat-herding.”  I’ve learned to do as little as possible. I just create some possibilities, put myself out there, welcome who wants to come along, and watch as events unfold.

I learn to adjust. I know that “the best laid plans of mice and men, come to naught, time and again”. So I make a fairly detailed plan, and see where it leads. Often it leads to many WTH moments, but that is where art is born, in spontaneity, in overcoming unforeseen challenges, in leaps of faith.

I have a large imagination. I see ton’s of possibilities that this event enables. Some are being capitalized on, some are not. (This is still a practice run, mind you – haha). What is important is that some are. Active supporters are confidently connecting, the drowsy are being gently awakened, the police are being politely greeted.

All are layers…

Changing from the solitary motel gig, to the 4 guys in a small RV gig is a challenge, it threw my routine, hence the blog delay. But the point is that it must be for the best, and the challenges of adding stomachs and personalities is what is supposed to happen, and it is up to us to make the best of every opportunity that presents itself.  This is r3VOLution. This is for real. This is where the mouse and the human separate. We all know how dicey things are, how much “hangs in the balance” but think of that… the balance.

How much weight does it take to affect a balance? Hmmmm…  an infinitely miniscule amount, I’d imagine… Hmmmmmm… 😉

Anyway, I’m rambling in a RV full of laughing men, here are some pics…

Last post, Phoenix r3v was about…

Ed and I cruised…

for miles

and miles

we entered a new county

fixed more flats

pedal pedal

rest under bridges

talk to people

remember talking of cyclists splayed out on cool concrete

We stood on a corner in Winslow Arizona

Joan was our gracious host (who took a bookset for delivery – ty)

We put up with a lot of wind on a long road

Ed got dusted

we pedaled on

Got to Seligman after a long windy day

Pitched some Liberty

Ed rode my bike

Oyate made a long drive to visit

and we made a short vid

Honored with his visit, glad to have this pic

We cruised town, and Ed got a flat,

got as room with a real shower at an old roadside flophouse

Just the right amount of funk

both inside and out

We woke to grime

and smiling faces

While I had coffee

and did email stuffs

with friends

getting ready

ran into some friends

The r3VOLution continues

because we work at it

what more?

pedal pedal

much aloha


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High Winds Around Winslow

July 7th, 2009

Ok, lets see how I can catch up. The last post predicted confusion accurately – haha.

I’ll start with pics…

AZ is escorting me across their state

Armed Escort – haha

Liberty Riders 11 & 12

John caught some road shots

Ed threw a chain

Some Liberty Ladies stopped on the highway

will ytry to get more tomorrow


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A Day to Celebrate American Revolution

July 4th, 2009

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, to establish the greatest system of civilized, and benevolent, government ever devised in the history of man. They openly declared solidarity in resistance to overwhelming tyranny. Independent men, willfully joining together for all the right reasons; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Just. Like. Us! (including the Liberty Ladies, of course 😉 )

On this anniversary of American Independence, I salute all of our friends in our present r3VOLution. All of you who are working to peacefully get this great country back on track. Those who do little, and those who do lots, as long as you are doing something to defend the great American traditions of Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity, than you are part of a long train of patriots serving with honor.

Thank You!

I’ve been doing the patriotic thang today, Phoenix Style

Today is Adam Kokesh’s MoneyBomb. Please donate, and help speak truth to power.


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New Mexico’s Rt 66

July 2nd, 2009

Good to get back on the bike after the day in Santa Fe. At least it was good after I found my way out of Adam’s nieghborhood… The road on google maps did not reflect reality and I ended up all twisted around in a neighborhood of highwalls, kinda like being in a maze… A city worker set me straight soon enough, and I was on my way. 65 miles, mostly downhill, mid 90s, hot winds

I had to ride the interstate a bit today, but mapped as many secondary roads as possible while in District 3, where Adam Kokesh is exploring a run for Congress. I seeded the route with Kokesh pushcards and announcements for the July 4th Event and Money Bomb. Got quite a few out, fell right back into stride…

Found myself back on Rt 66

I like the small towns I’ve been going through here. Kinda reminds me of the westside of Kauai. Hot, dry, and just the right amount of funk…

Saw a welcome sight in the town of Algodones, NM. (pop 888)

I left some calling cards in the fence, you can see bottom right of the sign.

And here is the Sandia Mountains. The second ridge looks like good climbing and was like a siren song all day…

Waiting for Ed now, they are on the way over from AZ. We will need to work out how we are going to shuttle for Adam’s event, and getting started in AZ. Might be a bit confusing over the next few days… I’m really looking forward to it.

Been working on a more philosophical post, hope I finish it… for now, a nap.


pedal pedal… 😉

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Phoenix Raising the Bar

July 1st, 2009



Taking That Day in Santa Fe

July 1st, 2009

I had an extra day scheduled for here, was gonna skip it to get back on schedule (am a day behind), but changed my mind. I’ll make it up over the next couple few days, as I can leave a lot of weight here for the RV Ed has rented to cross AZ.

Yep, my brother from another mother, Ron Paul Rider #3, Ed Vallejo, (on left late Oct ’07)

has rented an RV for crossing AZ. Not only that, but he, and Tom Costanza of Freedom’s Phoenix, are pedaling border to border with me. The ride is gonna get interesting – hehe

I’m stoked.  AZ has been at the forefront of this r3VOLution since Ron Paul formed the exploratory committee. And guys like Ed, and Ernie Hancock, and Buck (above right) have been in the liberty fight  for years… They upped the bar on my first trip, and seem to be planning the same on this one.

Having a chase vehicle changes things dramatically, an RV even more so. I can basically pedal with an empty bike and use power at will while extras charge. Ed will have an e-bike, as well. And Tom is an active cyclist. So I imagine Tom will be setting the pace while Ed and I tool along… Wooohooo!!!

Definitely stoked

Today, I’ve been working on the bike (cart had some duct tape repairs that set it a bit off, and one of the side signs barely touched the wheel, when the cart was fully loaded, making a rubbing sound that gets quite annoying), did laundry, got some more fliers printed, etc.  Nice to have some time to do all this without having to pedal, as well.

So, I am here at Adam Kokesh’s and they are working hard on exploratory committee stuff. Getting ready for the Independance Day Celebration/Money Bomb. Here is the core team hard at work

Adam is on the phone

Jared is concentrating

till he realized I was taking candids – haha

Sean is playing with Blue

Tina is multitasking

and Adam is still on the phone, thinking…

It has been good seeing how dedicated and enthusiastically they are working.

Another thing that has impressed me about the Kokesh run is the level of opposition I am seeing. It seems some powerful people are nervous about him running and that is always a good sign.

That’s about it for now, we played around with a video camera today and may have something for you all tonight…

tinker tinker…


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At Adam Kokesh’s Place

July 1st, 2009

A lonely road today.

Ranchlands, mostly, with some cool derelict structures.

There was one small “town” on the way, seemed like an artist enclave. Got this pic as I approached

which was kinda tricky as I couldn’t stop to take it – haha.  I had stopped and ate road food on the way, but was getting hungry for a meal when I finally started seeing “civilization” again. Stopped into the first place I came to

where I had the rare experiance of a “free lunch”. Real nice ladies, I had ordered a tuna melt and Ice Tea. While waiting the owner Melinda came out and asked, “who is riding for honesty” I looked up and smiled.  She looked out at the bike and said, “Ron Paul – huh? I liked him, would have voted for him, even though I’ve never voted Republican. When I asked for the check, she came back out and said it was on the house. Thanks, Melinda. The food was delish and the hospitality priceless. I hope any other liberty lovers passing through get a chance to stop in and have a bite.

Like I said, was a lonely road so between the motel owner I had left in the AM, and the crowd at the Cafe, that was about all the canvassing I got to do. Had to fight afternoon traffic through Santa Fe but finally found Adam’s house.

Quite busy here, arrived during a planning meeting for the Independence Day  event, to go along with the money bomb, I hope everyone can join in and send a few bucks thisJuly4th

Adam took me on the tour and we ended up on his roof for sunset, where I had a couple radio interviews to do.

Later I got this pic of Tracey and Adam

will try to get a video before leaving this AM… Am supposed to be getting the Kokesh slimjims todays so am looking forward to seeding the route, will use the event fliers till then…

busy busy… haha