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October 28th, 2009

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This site is primarily used for documenting bicycle ride outreach efforts. The last ride was “The Ride for Honesty” and you can read the whole story in the archives.  Reading from this page back will give you the story in reverse, I should figure out how to make it chronological, not enough time in the day…

So, welcome; am glad you are here. It should be noted that various efforts over the last year (including the ride) have garnered an award from “Oath Keepers” as “Citizen Activist of the Year” for 2009 at the first annual conference. If you haven’t heard of OathKeepers please visit

The current primary focus is promoting liberty candidates for office and I am going to North Carolina to help some friends “Get Out The Vote”, Glen Bradley is running for State House and leading in the polls. As I am a big proponent of down ticket races, I am very excited to be helping my good friend Glen. Also in the neighborhood is BJ Lawson who is running for US Congress, and I’ll be close to support him, as well.

Finally, here is a simple video explaining the heart of liberty