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A Doozy of a Day

June 30th, 2009
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Yesterday was the longest of the trip so far. On the map it was 86.5 miles, on the ground closer to 90 including stops, detours, etc.  Add the that the first 60 miles was practically all an uphill 3000ft climb. Here is the chart:

Add to that 100degree heat, add to that a morning tail (oops-haha) headwind, and finally add the debris filled roadway that, thankfully, only gave me one flat

Here is the culprit

I had to pull quite a few out of all my tires but, thankfully, the extra protection turned back the rest. It is always a crapshoot when pulling a thorn or wire from a tire. You never know when it will necessitate an immediate repair, or it would be better to wait till shade, or days end to repair in comfort.

Needless to say flats take time to fix, and on a long day that gets a bit hairy. I got off the road about a half hour before sunset and a couple more would have had me on the roadside in the dark. (eek!)

The 60 mile uphill was daunting. The pedal assist helps, but battery management on a long day means using minimal power and I still wondered whether I would be pedaling the final miles with no help. While the grapg gives a decent indication, there are still uphills which a closer look would reveal.

So between the climb, the debris dodging, and the heat, it was quite a tense day.

Leaving Santa Rosa, I was stoked to see a Sheriff Car in front of the court,

The deputy inside was great. A real smile and didn’t mind giving me some time even though he was a bit busy. He was not aware of the reasons for my trip so the conversation was a bit funny. When I said I was motivated because the DHS reports (he hadn’t seen) he said, “wait, you support terrorists?” I was like, “no no no, I supported Ron Paul in the primary” He then said the classic, “Who is Ron Paul?”  lulz… Anyway, by the end we were on the same page and I was pretty stoked when he said, “The Fed Gov is whacked, yes I’ll be glad to pass these along, you have a safe trip” It still makes me smile…

I got to pitch a few people leaving town, and then headed off up the hill. Stopped at the rest areas and got some fliers and Obama Deception DVDs to a few folk going to the “Rainbow Gathering” (which I have been hearing about for hundreds of miles) None of the folk I met who are going liked Obama and I think we could be targeting that crowd, as well. One guy volunteered to show the flier around while there, and do some canvassing for us… Again, I think we need to take the “green” message away from the tyrants and expand this “big tent” we always talk about. It only makes sense to leave the world nicer than we found it and that should be a non-partisan effort…

Another real cool thing that happened was I came up on  rental truck on the shoulder with a guy getting something from the back. Turns out he was a Marine, on the same page, did not know about our movement, and was glad to hear about us. Said he would join and get active, so I guess I recruited a Marine – haha

Another car with three guys pulled over to ask me what I was about. Had a great conversation and turns out one works at a Napa Valley TV Stataion and he said he was going to look into getting my story on-air…

You can probably imagine the feeling of relief that accompanies pulling into a town after a day like that. Even better the first business I went by had some welcoming signage

The boys there were not active (hadn’t even heard of 1207), but I implored them to get more so, “we NEED them” and I could see they were a bit re-inspired by what I was doing and hope they get back in the fight. The parting words indicated they would and they were real thankful I stopped by.

Finally, here are some pics for my friends who like seeing what I see. Liberty Rider #6 asked for some scenics so here are a couple:

It is a vast emptiness at times… Sky was nice…

The mountains began to appear in the distance

and here is looking back on the ridge I went over that had storms move in as I was coming through. I felt a few drops, but by the time I took this it was storming up there…

Well, thats about it. a regular 60 mile day today, only 1500ft of climbing so hope it’ll be easier than yesterday. Again some headwinds in the AM but forcast to turn in my favor in the afternoon

pedal pedal


PS, only $650 away from my goal, any help with, promoting or feeding, the chip-in is MUCH appreciated, thanks

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  1. ward
    June 30th, 2009 at 08:24 | #1

    michael….thanks for the reply….i feel like i am now part of your cool trip….yes most of the truckers will be courteous…it only takes the one that does not see until the last minute etc….my cell is 716.969.6617 dont forget to get a pic of your bike in the pacific ocean when you reach the coast..it will mean a lot to you later on….looks like i am going to be way out in front of you so will miss you in winslow….best of luck…call me sometime michael…..ward stay safe and complete the mission..!

  2. June 30th, 2009 at 11:37 | #2

    It looks like we both had a ‘big day’. I have spent the last 6 days in Riverside California working on my Suburban to pull the trailer as our ‘chase vehicle’ and broke down in Blythe (on a Saturday night – and NOTHING is open Sunday!) on the way back. After $3000 in work I still don’t fully trust it, so I am ‘changing tack’. I am looking to rent an RV for the week so we will not have any motel expenses. Call me in the evening when you get a chance. See you in NM in a couple of days! SAFETY AND PRAYERS FOR YOU! God help this man. Amen.

  3. July 2nd, 2009 at 23:44 | #3

    gripping! Thank you for the share…

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