The Gift Packs

The material packs being delivered include:

The Revolution – A Manifesto

This book came out during the presidential campaign and has been generously supplied by Campaign for Liberty.  It covers the basic groundwork for a political philosophy that ignited a r3VOLution.

Consisting of a brief preface, seven chapters, and a reading list, it simply contrasts Paul’s ideas against “the deadening consensus that crosses party lines, that dominates our major media”.

I included it to give the reader a base understanding of the ideas that fuel the modern freedom movement.

This video is from the day Dr. Paul rode a couple few miles in Texas on the first Liberty Ride. This was completely candid, we had pedaled to the local newspaper for an interview, and as we were leaving I asked if I could get a few words for my blog. The question I asked was, “If you could say anything to the grassroots, what would it be?”


The County Sheriff – America’s Last Hope

This particular trip grew out of an online conversation about this particular book. People have been suggesting how we all could be reaching out to our local law enforcement, to help us enforce the law against those who feel they are above it. The idea is to deliver these in all states.

I met Sheriff Mack at the Committees of Safety’s, “Rally at Lexington Green” on April 19th. After having had watched the conversations about this man, and looked into his story, it truly was an honor to shake his hand and thank him for taking a stand, rather than a paycheck. Check out the video, I think you’ll like him, too.


Committees of Safety

We are including a  DVD of a speech by Dr. Edwin Vieira, “The Powers of The Purse and The Sword”.  If I had more time and money, I would have included the book linked, as well.

Dr. Vieira is a brilliant man. With four Harvard degrees, he is obviously passionate about knowledge. Luckily for us he is also passionate about sharing it. I’ve heard him speak twice, on different subjects. He is engaing and informative, worth looking into. What is amazing is the simple common sense of the approach this brilliant man proposes. Here is part 1 the speech:



Last, but certainly not least. there is an organization so new, there are no books, not even a proper website, and a DVD is being made for the ride.  But OathKeepers is growing fast and the following video will explain why that is a good thing.

The Rider is Oathkeeper and honored to serve.


Please look into, and support, all of the people and organizations on this page. By following the advice and leadership on the top of this page, we can avoid approaching any lines in the sand mentioned in the last.

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    Make sure you tell Sheriff Mack about this effort. I’m sure he’d be very grateful and perhaps would like to post about it on his front page. Same with Committees of Safety and OathKeepers.

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