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At Adam Kokesh’s Place

July 1st, 2009
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A lonely road today.

Ranchlands, mostly, with some cool derelict structures.

There was one small “town” on the way, seemed like an artist enclave. Got this pic as I approached

which was kinda tricky as I couldn’t stop to take it – haha.  I had stopped and ate road food on the way, but was getting hungry for a meal when I finally started seeing “civilization” again. Stopped into the first place I came to

where I had the rare experiance of a “free lunch”. Real nice ladies, I had ordered a tuna melt and Ice Tea. While waiting the owner Melinda came out and asked, “who is riding for honesty” I looked up and smiled.  She looked out at the bike and said, “Ron Paul – huh? I liked him, would have voted for him, even though I’ve never voted Republican. When I asked for the check, she came back out and said it was on the house. Thanks, Melinda. The food was delish and the hospitality priceless. I hope any other liberty lovers passing through get a chance to stop in and have a bite.

Like I said, was a lonely road so between the motel owner I had left in the AM, and the crowd at the Cafe, that was about all the canvassing I got to do. Had to fight afternoon traffic through Santa Fe but finally found Adam’s house.

Quite busy here, arrived during a planning meeting for the Independence Day  event, to go along with the money bomb, I hope everyone can join in and send a few bucks thisJuly4th

Adam took me on the tour and we ended up on his roof for sunset, where I had a couple radio interviews to do.

Later I got this pic of Tracey and Adam

will try to get a video before leaving this AM… Am supposed to be getting the Kokesh slimjims todays so am looking forward to seeding the route, will use the event fliers till then…

busy busy… haha


  1. July 1st, 2009 at 11:07 | #1

    The RV is paid for and I’ll be picking it up tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. We are double-thinking the need for the trailer after talking to you. I’m going over the bike today and beefing up the braking system, then I’ll be purchasing the spare tires and tubes. John Penrose will be driving for us and he’s stoked to be a part of the adventure! I will also be bringing my air compressor and 11 gallon tank so we have ‘air on demand’ should we get any flats. Oh yeah – if there’s anything you need me to pick up in Phoenix and bring to you (bike parts, extra tubes, ANYTHING) just let me know before tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll pick them up. ALSO – I’m told that we have contacts that are personal friends of the Sheriffs of two of the five Counties we will pass through and you are set for meetings with both of them. I have to talk with another individual to see about the other three. ARIZONA LOVES YOU!

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