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At Adam Kokesh’s Place

July 1st, 2009

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A lonely road today.

Ranchlands, mostly, with some cool derelict structures.

There was one small “town” on the way, seemed like an artist enclave. Got this pic as I approached

which was kinda tricky as I couldn’t stop to take it – haha.  I had stopped and ate road food on the way, but was getting hungry for a meal when I finally started seeing “civilization” again. Stopped into the first place I came to

where I had the rare experiance of a “free lunch”. Real nice ladies, I had ordered a tuna melt and Ice Tea. While waiting the owner Melinda came out and asked, “who is riding for honesty” I looked up and smiled.  She looked out at the bike and said, “Ron Paul – huh? I liked him, would have voted for him, even though I’ve never voted Republican. When I asked for the check, she came back out and said it was on the house. Thanks, Melinda. The food was delish and the hospitality priceless. I hope any other liberty lovers passing through get a chance to stop in and have a bite.

Like I said, was a lonely road so between the motel owner I had left in the AM, and the crowd at the Cafe, that was about all the canvassing I got to do. Had to fight afternoon traffic through Santa Fe but finally found Adam’s house.

Quite busy here, arrived during a planning meeting for the Independence Day  event, to go along with the money bomb, I hope everyone can join in and send a few bucks thisJuly4th

Adam took me on the tour and we ended up on his roof for sunset, where I had a couple radio interviews to do.

Later I got this pic of Tracey and Adam

will try to get a video before leaving this AM… Am supposed to be getting the Kokesh slimjims todays so am looking forward to seeding the route, will use the event fliers till then…

busy busy… haha


About Pedaling

June 22nd, 2009

Hooo doggy… a bit warm out there on the blacktop… heh… 97 in the shade when I got off the road, more with the humidity… woohoo…all good, cranked out 60 miles, thought about going for 90, for about a second, (till a hot blast of wind caught my face, as I sat in the shade of an overpass, looking onward.) The forecast has a bit of east in the wind tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes, would love to make up a day, but ya know, 100 degrees is freakin hot,

Anyway, speaking of overpasses, I made another milestone today, am finally able to ride on the interstate. Quite the change. Thought maybe I’d share a bit of the road with you all.

Surface plays a huge role in both speed and comfort. Smooth, seamless, aged asphalt is the best, keep it clear of debris and I am in heaven. I may roll a bit faster on concrete, but the cracks and regular joints (Bump>Roll-Roll>Bump>Roll-Roll>Bump>Roll-Roll>etc…), for twenty miles, or so, can get a bit tiresome. Every bump, crack and pebble I hit slows me down, a mile or two an hour might not seem like much, to most folk, but make a huge difference to a guy traveling at ten. My brother Tony, Liberty Rider #2, noted on the Jersey leg how much, even the different types of asphalt, effects pedaling. One of the surfaces I dread is a large stone mix that’ll leave my forearms vibrating for hours.

Surfaces change often, seeing a change ahead usually elicts a sigh, whose tone varies greatly…

The wind is another large factor, and I am always making it. Consider me pedaling at 10mph on a flat calm day, I have a 10mph wind pushing back at me… Even a 10mph tailwind, is to me a flat calm. A direct side wind is moved forward by my momentum and becomes a slight headwind. A sailor will tell you the math involved, but that is what they are talking about with “true” and “apparent” wind.

Probably needless to say that a strong, gusty, in your face headwind is the worst. The last few days have seen the track “staircase” west and south into south, and SSW winds. So while the west bits were a slight headwind, seeing a south turn ahead always saw me shaking my head with a, “here we go again…”. Though turning west was a relief of sorts, it was still great to get out of it finally, at the end of the day, and I am stoked that my southing is done.

I mentioned in yesterdays post a bit about cities. Big and small, they require termendous concentration. Disregarding the traffic and navigation issues, the road is a bear; city hot, and all bust up. Lots of construction zones and tube eating debris. Worse than the potholes and cracks are the parallel joints between concrete curbing and asphalt roadway. Often the joint is either a small ledge or the perfect width to grab my tire like a rut, and that could be very bad. And I have to ride along, inches away, for miles. I suppose the silver lining is that I have to concentrate so much on staying out of the ruts that I hardly notice the traffic… haha

I saw all kinds of roads navigating my way here, including dirt (which thankfully did not last long.) Knowing there is a major bridge ahead is always a bit nerve wracking. No matter how closely you pore over it on mapping software, until you actually see it, you don’t really know what you are facing. Holding up traffic on a narrow, long, high, bridge is never much fun. Ain’t no rest for the weary in such a situation. And, as a flat tire would make matters exponentially worse, the debris watch is heightened as well… It always feel like an accomplishment to cross a major one.

The country roads with little traffic are pleasant, but often hilly and rough. Usually no shoulders, as well. So some of them roads can become nightmares if they are local shortcuts, and heavily used during rush hours… I do just about everything I can to avoid slowing anyone down, what with the sign and mission and all… The mountain roads are usually always gorgeous, I hope to go back and see them sometime, on a motorcycle…

Route 66, though. That is a different animal altogether. I have not felt hurried or harrassed once while in the arms of the Mother Road, who has surely seen it all. It is like I am to be expected. My propoganda festooned cart, and I, merely add color and character to what must be America’s Most Charming Roadway. It truly has been a kick to pedal down Rt 66. Classic “Motor Courts” and filling stations, odd ball eateries and knick-knacks galore. Rolling through towns that have watched people pass through for decades. Motorcycle and Classic Car clubs, Solo and small group bikers packed for long hauls. I swear, if a Wagon Queen Family Truckster went by with a granny strapped to the roof, it would not look all that out of place.

Myriads of folk, out for a cruise…

The road itself varies by municiple jurisdiction. Most had been resurfaced, but some sections are the original jointed concrete (with no shoulder at all, just a 4in drop to dirt…), but, as I mentioned above, the travellers had no problem giving me space and time, often it was two lanes and I ambled along my own. The real traffic was on the interstate in the distance.  While I looked forward to reaching here where I can finally use them, I certainly am stoked that the routing led me down that legendary road. It was kinda the last thing on my mind while planning. Hadn’t really given it much thought. Now, after experiancing it’s magic, I hope to go back on my own dime and really amble along (in a vehicle with AC – haha)

And now it is the interstates. I like ’em. Actually feel safer with the wide shoulders and hign visibilty, (no blind corners and hilltops). Another plus is the fairly regular overpasses offering respite from the relentless heat. Chances are, if you ever see a bike parked under an overpass, you’ll see the rider splayed out in the shade on the cool concrete, and if you listen close, you might even hear the sigh… The final good thing about the interstates is the gentler grades, the hills more cut and the valleys more filled. Seeing parallel roads in the distance today happily reminded me of that.

They can get nasty at times, narrow bridges with little debris filled “shoulders”. Even worse can be “rotten” shoulders with gravel filled craters, or the monotonous jolts of a jointed roadway, all. day. long… Construction Zones are usually a bit dicey, as well. Like a bridge, you don’t know what you are facing till you see it. Saw the standard warning display today,”rightlane closed ahead.” It was still a ways up the road so I got off and onto an overpass to see what I could see. Still too far away, so I pedaled back onto the highway and hoped for the best, (while the work must leave room for normal wide loads, there can be narrow lanes for miles… While I am staisfied the flag array provides plenty visibilty, it can still be nerve wracking. ) As I pedaled up to it I was pleasently surprised by the sight of new lanes and the crews working the other side. The shoulder was actaully too new but the closed lane had been done earlier so I had a perfect track to myself for about ten miles… ahhhhhhh…

I don’t really know how much this all relates to the reason I’m out here, only to say that the road I’m travelling is a lot like life. Sometimes silky smooth, but usually a bit rough, with some better stretches. It sometimes changes directions and labels, loops around curious obstacles, sometimes even breaks and we have to find detours, which then become part of our road. But what is important is to keep pedeling on. Nothing of value comes easily, so embrace the hardship and press on, keeping eyes on the goal. I may sarcastically curse when I come up to a county line and see a crappy roadway ahead, but cannot stop.

That is unthinkable, the stakes are too high…

pedal pedal

The Mother Road

The Mother Road

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The Next Few Days

June 21st, 2009

Out of OKC, made all the south and now turning west again, a navigational waypoint. Getting ready to bake a bit. I think I may go with the arab style of desert wear. Imagine this… an Italian exposing  Fascism, using “terrorist” canards while dressed like an Arab, pedaling a Schwinn and flying significant flags… haha…

The schedule for the next few days looks like

Monday El Reno to Clinton

Tuesday Clinton to Erick

Wednesday OK/TX Border to McLean

I’ll see how the wind and sun treat me and if I can think about making up a day somehow, always good to keep a buffer…

Cities are tough, and OKC is pretty big. 25miles through city traffic, potholes, storm drains, redlights, construction,  ugh… As much as I enjoy meeting all the liberty folk that concentrate in the cities, I must say I am thankful to get out in one piece… (and I even skirted downtown).

On the way in I stopped at the Chandler County Sheriff Office.

Skeleton Crew and the deputy seemed to shut down at the name Ron Paul… ah well… worse, I had been easily buzzed in a backdoor and had to go back out to get the books, in the process I set down my helmet… I was a bit disconcerted leaving and by the time I realized my mistake I had travelled down a fairly large hill… that’s OK, I was going to have to switch to a shemagh soon anyway…

In OKC, I met up with a facebook friend Terri Creech. Her son Ben, and friend Steve, became Liberty Riders 7 & 8

and had a great lunch with RJ Harris & (partial) Family. I do need to remember that just because other people are taking pictures, doesn’t mean I don’t need to… RJ’s eyes are those of a kindred soul and I truly hope we score a win with his race…

Anyway, I should hit the hay, will be working towards earlier starts as the heat increases… Here are some other pics though…

Getting Interviewed in Salpulpa

Getting Interviewed in Salpulpa

Senator Brogdon honored us with a visit

Senator Brogdon honored us with a visit

Get your kicks

pedaling does have its rewards

pedaling does have its' rewards


Oklahoma is Keeping Me Busy

June 20th, 2009

The Sooner State seems to be living up to it’s name in regards to the r3VOLution. Not only are the activists enthusiastically busy, but the general people I am meeting, and the sheriffs, all are reacting very positively to the message I am spreading. It really is a cool state. The residents all seem to have a connection with their home that, again, reminds me of Hawaii.

I left off with LR-6 (aka acptulsa) pedaling up from Tulsa to accompany me into town.

Unfortunately for him, the ride out was mostly downhill and downwind, meaning the ride back was… (not easy – haha) By the end of the day we were taking a few breaks…

We made it in time for the BBQ, but was a bit longer of a day that Anthony figured – haha

On the way we had some productive stops. First was the Sheriff  Office of Rogers County.

Neither was the actual sheriff,. both were decent guys. The officer on the left was the Captain, he took a bit to warm up, but the other officer caught right on, and was very agreeable. The more I talk to these fellow Americans, the more I am convinced that the Law Enforcement outreach aspect of this journey is a very good thing to be doing. We are earning respect for standing up for ourselves, and our beliefs. I am stoked to hear of the ride encouraging the expansion this outreach effort. You don’t have to ride a bike, but you can get a set of materials and go say hi to your sheriff…

Another thing that OK is capitalizing on is the “news” aspect of this trip. I’ve had two local news interviews in two days. Here is Jessica from the Claremore Daily Progress

This is another area we could do better in, cultivating relationships with local media, and becoming local media. The 4th Estate is a very real force in American Politics, while all the people running for various political positions is great, we could also use liberty people entering the news field as well.

Here is another mention from an “in the wild” interview (no-one had contacvted this paper)

And so it starts… News coverage should build as I get further along…

Before we left Claremore, we stopped at a massive gun Museum,  Any gun enthusiasts who are passing in this area should not miss the place…

and then we pedaled on

talked to a few folk…

saw a blue whale

Oh, did I mention it was windy

Anyway, we made it to Tulsa, where we had a great Meet-Up BBQ and I got to talk to lots of liberty folk. One thing they seem to have here is a strong “team player” attitude. Humble strength of conviction in the righteousness of our cause and the need to do whatever to advance the cause…

The next day was a sorta easy ride, had a glitch to deal with in the AM, but Jay Blevin came through and solved that dilemna.

We pedaled to the Sheriff Office where we had a long conversation with two deputies, and though I’ll respect the off the record nature of some of the comments, I’ll say these two boys are definitely on our side… After talking to potential Mayoral Candidate Clay Clark we mounted up and pedal into the bright OK sun.

Anthony got me safely back on to RT 66 and turned back to home… Was a great time and I’m stoked to have have a long time LibertyForest member join the ranks of LibertyRiders. And he pedaled quite far, close to 50 miles… (only my brother beats that, – though BJ Lawson comes close…)

Next stop was Creek County Sheriff, again it was quite busy and I took no pics myself, but we had supporters, reporters, officers and gubernatorial candidate Senator Randy Brogdon even came down. Quite the honor, and quite a guy. Definitely a political animal, and definitely relishes sticking it to the status quo. Listening to him interact with the people going past us into the sheriff office was great. I really like the man and hope the best for his race.

The Chief finally came out to see what all the commotion on his front step was about, and I did the presentation right there, in front of all, including a reporter, Brian, from a Salpulpa paper (The Herald?) Again, the Sheriffs I am meeting are very agreeable. This one was more personable right off the bat, lots of locals around helped in that regard. He brought up references to the tragedy of gun control failures as soon as I started touching on the “historical warnings” aspect of the pitch. All in all a great busy stop

I look forward to seeing the articles and pics people were taking… I have somevideo and will try to get it off for processing before I get on the road…

The rest of the day was hot and windy, good practice for what I will be facing for the next few weeks…

I made it here to Bristow, got an alright room, took a shower, and was picked up by Pastor Tim Gillespie of Drumwright OK, who brought me up to their place for a homecooked dinner and fantastic pie :). His wife, Jennifer, and he are quite the couple. Happy first year Anniversary is coming up – still newlyweds – great to see.

He was a former county GOP chair, now treasurer… very active; on the election board (where we should have more people as well). He has an interesting pespective…

Well, always more I could write and more I need to do, so will close this with something that happened on the road.

I make quite a sight pedaling down the road and usually always draw peoples eye. Yesterday as I was pedaling along a quad (fourwheeler ATV) came out of a trail and turned along a path on the other side of the ditch just off the shoulder, and came towards me. On it was a father and his young son, the classic, “taking the boy for a ride” image that most all of us cherish somewhere deep in our memory. I got a huge smile and watched as we approached each other… the thing was, the son was looking at me with the huge eyes of innocence, little mouth agape in wonder at the colorful contraption rolling by, the sparkle of fresh eyes as he responded to my returning smile.And the father never saw me at all.

He was deep in concentration, holding a precious treasure in his lap while navigating the bumps of the simple trail. Chugging along, as slow as you go, his eyes never wavered from the trail in front of him…

Ain’t that America?

As I pedaled away, tears of simple joy cooled my cheeks, as I said my little prayer of thanks for such moments, seeing quite clearly why I ride.

So that father doesn’t have to…

pedal pedal


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The Ozarks

June 16th, 2009

I like Missouri, great people.

As with most of us, a quick smile, wave, or tip of the hat tends to bring out the best. Missourians took that one step further. Not charging me for water, apples, and, “hey, let me make you an Ozark BBQ Meat sandwich special, on me.” In a way, it reminds me of Hawaii. I’ll be leaving you tomorrow Missouri, mahalo for the hospitality…

And I ain’t even got to the CfL folks. 😀 I happened to be passing through Jeff City during their state level organizing meeting, and was a guest at the BBQ. Saw some old friends

met some new ones

Gave a speech (((eeek)))

and went to the afterparty… which made for some hardpedaling the next day.

Did I mention The Ozarks have been a bit humid…?  Thunder and lightening ahead, and to the sides, today… frunny how distracting massive bolts can be… It cleared up in afternoon, and became sweltering, seemed the perfect weather for thunderstorms. I watched this one, far to the east develop quickly from this,

into this…

All in all a decent day though, not much heavy rain, kind cool for the AM. And quite successful on spreading the message. First thing in the AM I pedaled back to the Buffalo Sheriff Office

where I talked to (as usual) the Chief Deputy… Definitely a decent guy, reinforced that he certainly did not agree with the DHS political profiling…

A line that has been developing is tied to the presentation of the constitution. I have already been mentioning solutions when I get to the little green book, at that point I say something like, “and the honest truth is that the solutions are in this little book right here, The US Constitution.  We just need to get people to follow it again. I know a lot of people say it is an old document, but that fact is that times and seasons change, but human nature, and the root of crime, doesn’t. The same crimes that have plagued humanity forever are still with us today. (at this point I get strong body language agreement), and this here document is the best yet devised to keep the really dangerous criminals at bay, wannabe tyrants”

Speaking of tyrants…I often hear people complaining of “sheeple” and want to touch a bit on that.

The great mass of humanity just wants to be left alone. These are the salt of the earth, and god bless em. Think of them as the weight of a pendulum being acted upon by opposing forces. Tyrants on the one hand, liberty activists on the other. It is an age old battle. I have no idea (and frankly don’t care) why the world was set up with light and dark, good and evil, etc. It is just a fact of life. As are the good people, who just want to be left alone.

As things get more turbulent, more and more of these salty types get shaken loose from the mass. Most of them will side with the liberty folk. Tyranny is only attractive to the truly warped and mentally ill. That is why it is so important to be out there planting seeds. As these types reach the edge of the mass and are about to shake loose, they need to know there is a net for them to latch onto, otherwise they will cling to that pendulum against all hope…

I hope that makes sense, much seems clear while engaged in the zen of bicycle wheel r3VOLutions, but not so easy to put in words, all knackered on a motel bed.

Other events of yesterday included a local reporter coming out to see what I was about, no article yet, but went very well. I stopped at the Greene County Sheriff. It was in one of them new “Justice Centers” and not as friendly as the small town sheriff offices. The retiree guard was nice enough. The two guys behind him seemed a bit of the smirkish types (yuck), the receptionist in the actaul office was sweet, and after finding out everyone was in a meeting took the books for me. One weirrd thing was a younger lady who hung inj the doorway, just out of sight as I gave my pitch. I knew she was there from shadows, etc… As I left, I was sure to lean a bit and catch her eye. 😉

The final good news for the day was a supporter, Renea came from another county and picked up a pack for here sheriff, and gave a cool roadside interview I hope to get up with better i-net.

The only drama of the day was pulling into town where I had problems with my rear tire. Fixed it once as darkness fell, but something hadn’t seated right… The rains were approach and darkness growing, I finally had to ride on the flat for a bit to get to the motel and off the road. I think it is fixed now… will know for sure in a few…

pedal pedal

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A night to remember

June 4th, 2009

Well, I could drag out the cliffhanger (and actually wish I had the time to, hehe), but I wont. I hope it is not too anti-climatic, for sure it was not mundane.

There was a very pleasant little motel out in the middle of farmland, OH. Gentle rolling hills, a well kept lawn and freshly painted exterior. The proprietress sold candles and potpourri in the office. Except for the viciously barking dog, it seemed a perfect place to spend a quiet night.

The trouble started with my computer. It was acting very peculiar; wouldn’t log on, and locking up with a weird error message I had never seen before. Needless to say this is a distressing situation for a guy blogging a bike trip across the country, with countless details and contacts that must be kept on top of, lest the backlog get out of hand and everyone becomes more in the dark than you all are already. It had to be fixed, or I had to buy a new one, (no, I would not have spent your money on that…) So, I got to it. Was blessed to have an Indiana supporter Joyce Morrel contact me for another reason, and she was kind enough to hook me up with Jerry Titus, who knows a thing or three about computers, so we went through the standard diagnostics and it remained… weird. ugh.

After a while I realized that reformatting was probably my last option and began the process of backing up the data critical to the ride. By the time I got to the point of hitting that dreaded reformat key, it was midnight, the witching hour…

I should mention that the night was stormy. Not the downpours of Hawaii; not the blizzards of NY; not even the gales of the sea. No, it was the kind of thunderstorms only the midwest can dish out. Completely wild and crazy. I mean, I love a good thunderstorm, but this was off the scale, crackling bolts and shocking booms, near and far. I don’t think I had every seen such fury. And there I was nervously reformatting my lifeline to the world at large…

But that wasn’t the half of it…

Around 1 am, I was suddenly startled by the sound of a car-horn being relentlessly triggered outside my door. I was like, WTH??? So I got up, opened the door to the pouring rain, looked out, and there was a red SUV with someone, obviously interested in waking the entire motel, sitting behind the wheel. It was raining too hard to see much and I sure as hell was not going to “get involved”. I was one door down from the office and figured the management would be there shortly, I had my computer to work on. So I shook my head, closed the door, and my ears, and got back to work. Before long, I saw the flashing lights of the police, so stuck my head back out to see what was up, only to find the proprietress outside my door in a nightgown, she looked at me and said, “she’s a psycho”, I was like, “oookaaaayyyy…” Can’t recall what I said back, but eventually closed the door, by now it is about 2 am. I figured the cops had the psycho under control so went back to work on the box.

Meanwhile, the storms raged and the excitement had not begun to abate…

After years of working on stage I am pretty good at concentrating amid myriad distractions, but suddenly, there was even more activity out side than before, people running back and forth in front of the picture window, raised voices, flashing lights… again I was like, WTH



I just stood in my doorway and shook my head. The cop put the psycho in the back of the car, people were emptying their rooms, the proprietress in her nightgown stood there aghast, the lightening flashed, the thunder roared, and the rain relentlessly pounded down.

It was mayhem

and 3 in the morning.

I looked around and saw no smoke, no flames, I asked the proprietress, “uh, where’s the fire?” She answered that she didn’t know, someone smelled smoke. I was like, for the second time, “ooookkaaaayyy…” I looked back into my room and inventoried my stuff, scattered about, and knew that the flames would have to be eminent before I went out in the rain.

As my computer continued it’s reformatting paces…

Finally, a drenched guest came back to report the smell of smoke was drifting from elsewhere.

Complete madness… Guests milling about in the rain began to reenter their rooms, the cop came back with the same report, the psycho in the back of the cop car couldn’t reach the horn, the proprietress looked at me, still aghast. I shook my head and said goodnight, closed the door, and watched my computer finish it’s paces, loaded some critical data, and went to sleep for a precious few hours thinking, “Well at least it’ll make for an interesting blog…

I hope you enjoyed it

pedal pedal


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Still Catching Up

June 4th, 2009

My final day in WV was great. Practically all downhill to the Ohio River. I stopped and talked to some Gas Station guys asking to clarify direction (they were stoked to get an Obama Deception DVD and didn’t realize it also had a bonus track of Freedom to Fascism – haha). They got me to do something I hate, turning around and gpoing backward, but the new directions avoided an legendary hill and followed a bike path along the creek that coasted me into town. At one point the bike path was closed so I asked a cop about a detour and he told me to just go around the signs, the path was fine – haha. He was on traffic duty so I decided not to pitch him, but he gave me great direction to the Sheriff Office.

The Sheriff of Ohio County had just left, but the Chief came out. He was basically all business, politely heard my spiel, and genuinely thanked me for stopping by. I was expection to make up for lost time so did not try to drag him into a conversation, just planted my seeds and moved on. The guard was much more personable, but the Chief seemed a decent enough guy. I imagine if he had seen the bike, as others have, he would have been a bit warmer…

It was a bit tricky getting out of town, made a wrong turn or two, asked a heap of directions (and got rid of more fliers ) till I was finally on the (cool old) bridge heading west into OH

There were no entering OH signs, But for the heck of it you may get a kick out of this one I forgot to put on the last post

I was pretty stoked; had just done a drop and was enterring a new state (where the land would flatter). There was one long hill, gettiing away from the river, but nothing like the grades of PA. But, before I got there, I came across the local congressional office of one Charlie Wilson.

Now, remember, I was trying to make up lost time, so I debated stopping for about… a nanosecond… and turned up into the drive. The Lady at the desk was very nice and we had a bit of a conversation about 1207. Seeing as I know very little of the congressman, I tailoered the pitch to suit, and after hearing her promise to pass my concerns on to her boss, left a few fliers (and a CfL constitution) and went on my way.

After leaving I called LibertyRider#3 Rob Pepe and asked him to look into Congressman Wilson and do a followup call. It turns out that Rep. Wilson is a Blue Dog Democrat on the Financial Services Committee, and that the staffer was impressed enough with my stop as to give Rob the name and numbers for the Legislayive Assistant in DC, whom Rob has since been lobbying. The original post on this side bar story made the front page of CfL and is continueing to develop. As I have stated, if we get another co-sponsor out of this, I will have to learn to dance a jig.

The final encounter of the day was anothr sheriff, whose office ws less that an mile off route. I was a bit taken aback when I saw the Sheriff’s tank out front

and wondered what would encounter. But have never let a peice of military hardware disuade me from my goal and went on in. Again the Sheriff was not around and I met with a deputy. Again the officer was a bit shocked to see me standing there, wearing a gadsden flag hat and expressing my displeasure at being negatively profiled by the DHS because of my political beliefs, but at least he could see the bike parked in front and warmed up as I explained why I was delivering the books and the significance of each…

From there I pedaled on to a small, seemingly quiet, country motel and got off the road before dark. What happened in the middle of the night I will save for the next post, – haha.

pedal pedal