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Entering Harrisburg, PA

May 27th, 2009

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Harrisburg, PA.  Liberty Rider Michael Maresco started three days ago leaving the Statue of Liberty in New York City only to find himself peddling through the Harrisburg area at 5pm yesterday.  Michael stopped several times talking to passer by’s, media and even a sheriff or two, but the most amazing part is he saddle’s back up and continues his journey to San Francisco and Alcatraz.  When asked why Alcatraz Michael only said “It’s where I believe our country is headed”.  When you think about the freedom and vision leaving the statue of liberty to end up at one of the first federal prison built in our once great land, a true statement of our current national police state.

On behalf of everyone in Pennsylvania that you have met so far and the one’s you will be meeting on your next half journey through our state, we welcome you Michael Today and Tomorrow and can’t wait for your return.  To a safe and dry ride, Freedom will lead your way!

Michael Maresco heading into Harrisburg, PA

Michael Maresco heading into Harrisburg, PA

Scott Davis
Pennsylvania Revolution

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Welcome to Our Site

May 17th, 2009

Glad you stopped in. This site was built to document a cross country bicycle ride promoting the value of Liberty and addressing the dangers of losing what made this country great. The ride was completed in mid July. The ride focused on contacting sheriffs across the country and giving them Sheriff Mack’s Book “The County Sheriff – America’s Last Hope” as well as other literature from organizations slandered in the infamous DHS/MIAC reports.  While the blog format was fine for the trip. It is a bit ‘backward” if you want to read the story chronologically. It was also posted in many Online Liberty Venues, the primary one being the crucible of r3VOLution, Ron Paul Forums. That thread is here

One of the purposes of the ride was to inspire others in off route areas to visit their own sheriff and bring them the book. In hopes of continuing that effort we will be changing this site over to support those efforts till each Sheriff in the nation has been reached, or the next ride. It will take a while as we all have much on our plates, but if anyone is interested in seeing that their state has been covered, please send me an email and we will see about helping you.

If anyone has any stories about visiting their own sheriff, please email those and I will post them to the blog.

Finally, if you are new to all this, there is a great video intro to the Philosophy of Liberty, and a link to an extensive list of Liberty Books/Materials here. And please leave a note that you were here on the guest book in our forum

Thanks to the generous support of the grassroots, this ride was fully funded. If you would like to help our continuing efforts, or would like to just buy me a beer in SF I have set up two separate chip-ins

All donations are highly appreciated, and much respected…

Thanks again for stopping in, and being a part of it!

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Website Under Construction

May 5th, 2009

This site is being used to build the primary RideForHonesty site. Plenty of action behind the scenes here. Please excuse our dust.


Made a bunch of changes tonight as we discussed by phone earlier 05/15/09:

i used inove appearance because it has the drop down menus on the top line and fixed all the side bar items  and made a few changes there

the rss feed for twitter fixed! #R4liberty is active use away and it will appear on this site / we can add one for your tweets too Michael if you want!

will see if someone else can help get some graphics back in the header via css – not my area of expertise, but think doable  I think we may be able to overlay the entire banner

hope you like, but just change back if not – everyone seemed to think that was possible 😉

Contact Us page created – but you will have to add content there – feel free to give me as backup as needed can list Sandie Crosnoe sandiec99@​​m918.440.6876 skype sandiec99 twitter @scrosnoe (whatever helps you best) not usually available in the am but they can call 24×7 and leave a message.

replicated chip in on left side also can move over map if you want

but i like it better under  😉

need to get greg to help with header if possible – I would like to see the liberty head and the bike graphic up there somehow

Adding tags now so it should look more populated in the tag cloud – if everyone posting will utilize tags and categories – it helps a bunch!

Blessings to all,


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