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Day 2 – PA Rocks :)

May 25th, 2009
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Ahhhhh… much better today. Glad to have left the eastern seaboard. I love the NYC area, but not for biking through. Anyhoo, this is about PA

Here is the NJ Statehouse where my ma and bro left for home. As you can see, Tony has passed the second Gadsden off to Liberty Rider #3, Rob Pepe.

Rob was great to ride with. He is an animal about liberty and had a bunch of signs to plant on the way. He had bought the bike from a garage sale the day before adn was up late last nite painting it. He rode abou 20 miles and then got picked up to set up the BBQ. We got lost a heap of times (parade detours again. The good part of that is being able to get literature to people we ask direction from. Got the basic flyer into the hands of three local LEOs on parade duty and dropped off small stacks at a few convenience stores

After he left I made my way the rest of the 40 way and was finally joined by LibertyRider #4. My battery waqs dying and there is only a short QIK clip of him that I will have to find, later.

I talked to a few people when I stopped for lunch. One guy cringed when I used the term fascism, but later I saw him reading the entire handout and wonder what was going through his mind. One girl recognized the corpo-gov definition of fascism immediately.

The big news was the picnic and getting a deep, Hawaiian kine hug from the local Sheriff in Chester County. Some things can be felt, and heart is one of them. The people of Chester County are lucky to have her.

She throws a mean shaka, as well

I’m very disappointed the QIK cam upload did not make it and will not use that for anything important again.

She brought a car down for us to use for photos and was accompanied by the Deputy Sheriff Harry (? sorry, need to start writing this stuff down.) who was kind enough to mention that I will always be welcome in Chester County.

The big news, for the ride, was that she was going to email all of the other sheriffs on on my route through PA :D. The really good thing for the r3VOLution though, was she is planning on asking Sheriff Mack to come speak in PA… Such is the effect of reaching out with courtesy and respect…

Just Do It!!! 😉

There are tons more pics from multiple sources. I was pleasantly surprised that a co-worker from Hawaii, Joe Graziano, had moved to NJ, found out I was on the road yesterday, and came visit today. He is a real photographer. I look forward to seeing the pics.

I’m sure I am missing a bit of news to report, but have to get some sleep. I felt my rhythm returning today, and should be able to write better in a few days. I again want to thank all of the PA folk who came down and gave me a fantastic welcome, (and a cool sticker)

much aloha, all

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  1. May 26th, 2009 at 03:43 | #1

    Aloha, what a great day, and a great time. Michael you are an inspiration to us all. Travel safely, see you soon.

    In liberty,

  2. May 28th, 2009 at 21:56 | #2

    Thanks for all your doing for the cause of Liberty! What a HUGE trip day 2 was!!! All the sherriffs!! OMG! How huge is that!

    Thanks again!


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