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Day 7 High Peaks and Spirits

May 31st, 2009
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Yesterday was quite the day. Two big peaks to cross, the first was the biggest, the second the highest (and I was already at elevation). I am getting stronger, able to avoid the crawler gear for the lower grade climbs. I am still taking rests on the steeps, but not the 50ft intervals of Timmonds Mt.

It was a beautiful sunny day. I was able to talk to plenty of folk and get out the lit. Left stacks in a few stores, mostly talking to farmers and people out working in the yards. I have found that I am targeting differently than on the RP ride. Where-as last time I was more looking for voters and seeking out the elderly, this time I am more looking for activists and seeking out the younger folk. Most readily agree with my assessment and are very thankful I stopped by. Hopefully it turns into people contacting the PA folk and getting aboard the r3VOLution. I emphasize that need for action, hopefully, it works…

While getting over them dang peaks was a bit of a… high point (haha) what really got my spirits up was accomplishing the primary mission of getting books to Sheriffs. I pedaled into Somerset and was disappointed to find the office closed, but that did not deter me from making a second effort and I found the Jail where I convinced the LT in charge to come out hear my spiel. He was really impressed with the bike and I’m sure that helped as I went into the reason for the visit. Again, I found a person who agrees with the facts I present. Especially about the fact that we are being lied to. He agreed to see that the books get to the Sheriff Monday, and I am kinda stoked that they will be looking them over in the Jail Control Room till then…

Another thing to note is that I went through Shanksville where flight 93 crashed and set in motion the War on Terror that the fascists are using to instigate their police state. I could not help myself and had to hand out fliers to a family that was at the Memorial Chapel…

The final event of the day was the last 10 miles. I got to my target town, and the only motel was a Days Inn. I usually avoid the big chains so asked a semi local on a Harley about motels further down the road. He told me there would be more here in Mt Pleasant and it was pretty much a downhill run. Both of those statements turned out to be false, while there was a large downhill, there were also some steep uphills that are killers at the end of a day. Worse, there is only one motel here, a Holiday Inn (corpo-yuck) that is three miles off route down a large hill. As it was getting late I had no choice but to bite the bullet. There is a sliver lining though. I finagled a discount, a free dinner, and it comes with a free breakfast, but more importantly, with free internet I was finally able to use my phone while online and spent an hour on the phone with tech support and may have dialed the phone in to avoid having to buy the $400 GPS unit. While the GPS would be very handy and helpful for knowing distance and speed, etc… That is not as critical as knowing where I am and being able to map out without dragging out the computer. So we will see how this works…

Finally, I thought you all might like seeing the elevation charts comparing yesterdays’ mountain climb, to todays’ multi hill climbs.



pedal pedal 🙂

with many mahalos to those who have joined the ride in support

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  1. robpatozz
    May 31st, 2009 at 11:16 | #1

    pedal, pedal…mahalo to you.

  2. June 1st, 2009 at 02:50 | #2

    Yo go Mike!!!!! We’re rooting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job getting the word out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brett Hersom
    June 1st, 2009 at 11:07 | #3

    Keep going Mike. This has been fun watching you from San Diego, CA. You are a true leader. I am with you all the way. I will continue to donate to your cause. Thank you. You are truly representing the future. Thank you Mike.

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