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Getting close now

July 25th, 2009

A series of “last”s… A few days ago I entered the last state. Today I pedaled through the last capitol. Tonight I have been mapping the last legs. A friend on Ron Paul Forums asked if I was sad to be ending this trip. Truth is I am sad to have had to make it. While I remain optimistic, the fact that I felt the need to make such an ardurous journey speaks volumes. The country is at a crossroads. This great experiment in self-rule is being attacked by tyrants and if we don’t stop them now, there will be hell to pay.

I know that, eventually, liberty and justice will win. It always does. Liberty is the natural state of man and, as such, empowers us with a natural moral authority that tyrants can only dream of. Their temporary successes are lies built on lies. Like blowfish they puff themselves up to scare the meek, but the sea is big, they are small, and their ruse will only work for so long. Friggin tyrants…

Truth is, I feel sorry for them. I know that they too will face judgment and imagine they will be quite surprised to learn that the universe, and history, wont look kindly on them. This will be remembered as a dark time in America, and they will be reviled, like Benedict Arnold is now.


But, no time for mourning their lost souls, their plans MUST be defeated, sooner rather than later. Each moment we let up on the pressure is one more moment a child will live under tyranny. And that is completely unacceptable to me. There will be plenty of time to pray for their souls after liberty has been restored and the next gen has been educated.

Anyway, it’s late and I have given up on mapping the last leg. Google maps and all the software in the world is not a match for California roads. I learned that today. There are reports of new bike paths that are not on the maps and will save me 20 miles. I found one today (not on any map) that was a breeze, unfortunately, the destination (this motel) was misplaced on the map and I pedaled 5 miles past it before calling and finding out I had to go back. (aarrrrgggghhhh) So, I’ve got a rough outline and a few reports to go on. I will stop at bike shops, and ask other bikers, as I approach. It worked today. Mostly farm roads, I’m avoiding heavily traveled ones. People drive pretty crazy out here… Maybe I’m just a bit jaded cause I spent most of the day in city traffic, but it was a bitch. Had a nice bike route for quite a while, but then got sucked into making a turn that was not on my map (to stay on the bike route), big mistake, ended up circling on endless one-ways to get to the capitol, but got there eventually.

It took a bit longer to find the Sheriff Office, but I did,

The gentleman I spoke to was alright, I couldn’t tell if he was just humoring me, but no matter, it’s a numbers game. I certainly have no illusions that my visits will be effective everywhere, immediately, but I know I have planted a fertile seed.Lately, when I give them the Constitution, I’ve been mentioning the bit about crime not changing and adding that the only people who are pushing to scrap it are tyrants who know it is in their way… I could tell he heard that…

As Coolidge said, “… perseverance and determination are omnipotent…”

pedal pedal…


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