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Going with the Flowing Layers

A trip like this has many layers, many angles to attempt to keep in line. All projects do. Being able to roll with developing events, keeping a “show must go on attitude” is where we win.

I’ve been having trouble getting a blog up. My “routine” has been broken and I am adjusting. I live for this kind of stuff. Yep, some things are hard… good practice, that’s for sure…

I’m lucky to have witnessed the r3VOLution unfold and watched/participated in the manifold attempts of “cat-herding.”  I’ve learned to do as little as possible. I just create some possibilities, put myself out there, welcome who wants to come along, and watch as events unfold.

I learn to adjust. I know that “the best laid plans of mice and men, come to naught, time and again”. So I make a fairly detailed plan, and see where it leads. Often it leads to many WTH moments, but that is where art is born, in spontaneity, in overcoming unforeseen challenges, in leaps of faith.

I have a large imagination. I see ton’s of possibilities that this event enables. Some are being capitalized on, some are not. (This is still a practice run, mind you – haha). What is important is that some are. Active supporters are confidently connecting, the drowsy are being gently awakened, the police are being politely greeted.

All are layers…

Changing from the solitary motel gig, to the 4 guys in a small RV gig is a challenge, it threw my routine, hence the blog delay. But the point is that it must be for the best, and the challenges of adding stomachs and personalities is what is supposed to happen, and it is up to us to make the best of every opportunity that presents itself.  This is r3VOLution. This is for real. This is where the mouse and the human separate. We all know how dicey things are, how much “hangs in the balance” but think of that… the balance.

How much weight does it take to affect a balance? Hmmmm…  an infinitely miniscule amount, I’d imagine… Hmmmmmm… 😉

Anyway, I’m rambling in a RV full of laughing men, here are some pics…

Last post, Phoenix r3v was about…

Ed and I cruised…

for miles

and miles

we entered a new county

fixed more flats

pedal pedal

rest under bridges

talk to people

remember talking of cyclists splayed out on cool concrete

We stood on a corner in Winslow Arizona

Joan was our gracious host (who took a bookset for delivery – ty)

We put up with a lot of wind on a long road

Ed got dusted

we pedaled on

Got to Seligman after a long windy day

Pitched some Liberty

Ed rode my bike

Oyate made a long drive to visit

and we made a short vid

Honored with his visit, glad to have this pic

We cruised town, and Ed got a flat,

got as room with a real shower at an old roadside flophouse

Just the right amount of funk

both inside and out

We woke to grime

and smiling faces

While I had coffee

and did email stuffs

with friends

getting ready

ran into some friends

The r3VOLution continues

because we work at it

what more?

pedal pedal

much aloha


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  1. July 10th, 2009 at 16:56 | #1

    I know exactly how you feel about falling behind in passing on the details – I just spent five days on the road and have only sent two short and hurried e-mails to the Group saying I’m alive. Now that I’m home and John has been dropped off, I hope to catch everyone up with a massive post somewhere with pics, videos, and narration.

    This has been an experience for me to say the least! I can’t say right now that I’d do it again, but under the right circumstances I might be swayed to take on another adventure into America – I’d heartily recommend it to anyone to take trips around their state and distribute information and help awaken the ‘Patriotic Duty’ that lies dormant in so many.

    You won’t be sorry.


  2. Anti Federalist
    July 13th, 2009 at 16:59 | #2


    Love to see the project ongoing.

    That is one bad ass cruiser Ed has got. :->


  3. admin
    July 14th, 2009 at 11:20 | #3

    Glad you are enjoying the ride AF. I’m looking at expanding the concept and incorporating other successful elements from previous efforts. I expect to be spending most of my time on the Kokesh Campaign, but will be planning the next ride, as well. Am considering a West Coast run during a slow period of the campaign (or perhaps a Continental Divide one) to keep the effort fresh. Then, the final Transcon (Northern Tier) after the 2010 elections…

  1. July 11th, 2009 at 03:01 | #1