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Journeys, and Destinations

July 29th, 2009
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I have no idea where I am going to go with this post and look forward to seeing it as much as anyone…

First things first.

My thanks to Divine Providence, and for the many prayers of my family and friends. What got me safely across this country had very little to do with me, and everything to do with the above. I just kept pedaling, faithfully believing our cause as the correct moral path.

The satisfaction I feel is one I hope we all share. All of you, truly, have been with me the whole time. You shared my aches and frustrations, making them easier to bear. You made sure I was fed, sheltered, and hydrated, keeping me strong. You bought the materials I delivered, fulfilling my purpose. You all share in the experienced knowledge that daunting tasks can be accomplished, by teamwork, (coupled with dogged determination). My contribution was merely forcing the issue. I was coming, ready or not. – haha

So, what did I do? Did I pedal a bike from the Statue of Liberty to Alcatraz? Or did I water a withered tree?  I set out to do the latter.The symbolism of the ride was just a means…

Jefferson once stated that the natural fertilizer of the tree of liberty is the blood of patriots and tyrants. Working towards a peaceful r3VOLution means I must fertilize that tree with my own blood, sweat, and tears. My greatest satisfaction is in you all who chose to join in, contributing your own precious lifeblood. Our mingled drops, freely and purposely given, make a very powerful mix.

So again I say, Mahalo Nui Loa! To God, Family, Country. Thank you for a safe passage.

A vast and beautiful country. From sea to shining sea. And I don’t mean the landscape, a country is only geographical in a narrow sense. What makes a country great is the people. In America that is you, and the countless folk I encountered on the way. We, The People. Kind, generous, fun-loving is the norm, not the exception. A polite word and an easy smile work wonders. It is harder to detect and bring out in the cities, but still there. I’ve had my best luck handing out fliers in cities with variations of the cry, “Propaganda, get yer propaganda here!” – lulz… Most everyone appreciates honesty, couple it with humor and you’ll be feeding their minds out of your hand…  In the country I hardly needed to do much at all. People are naturally curious and being in a morally correct position gives us a genuineness that people crave. That is our strength

Every mind we touched has had a seed planted and at the end of the day, politics is a numbers game. What we have done on this ride is increase the odds in our favor. The numbers of people who want to be tyrants is minuscule. Most people just to be left alone.  They don’t want to have to think much about geo-political issues. They just want to raise their children in the best possible environment. Many are too trusting, but very few are stupid. Many may seem drowsy, but very few are comatose. Some may be deluded, but none are hopelessly so. Miracles do happen.

I deeply planted some seeds in the mind of a Marxist in Upper Haight (Ashbury) yesterday. I said nothing when he first proclaimed that Obama was not going far enough and we needed full blown communism. I waited. We talked, and I railed on the kleptocracy masquerading as a duapoly. I railed on the globalist bankers and the corporations that fund both sides. Positions he had to agree with. Then I hit him with history. The fact that history is full of utopias gone horribly wrong, and was he willing to take the chance…  I then talked of freedom. How it is the natural state of man, and how history shows it to be our most peaceful and prosperous state.

History vindicates our position. Simple as that.

So much of our position is simple common sense. That is why it is so important to get out and get the information to people. Help them educate themselves. As things get worse, more and more are rousting themselves and looking for answers. We need to have our answers available, everywhere. Now is the time. We have to be ready to engage the most unlikely prospects with respect and courage. We have to understand that even most of our “enemies” are ignorant of the role they are playing in their own downfall, and with the courage of conviction, stand our ground with polite respect. I took my leave from the Marxist after winning some crucial points. Know when to walk away and let the seeds sprout on their own… Have faith. It’s a numbers game…

Speaking of numbers, I’ve been seeding the bay area pretty good. Pitched a boatload of people on the ferry, literally.

Even got some spontaneous donations. That always gives me a boost, concrete evidence that I am earning my keep.

Surpisingly, according to the original google doc spreadsheet, I entered San Francisco precisely on schedule. hahahahhahhhahhhahhhahhhaha, (sorry…. chuckle…). and knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore…

In fact, I was so on schedule that I had no time to dilly dally and pedaled off to meet my good friend Anthony Gregory,

and his sweetheart Nicole, who promptly swept me off my bike for a celebratory libation, while waiting for another old friend, Kris Shane,

to come up from the airport. We wandered around a bit before going to Scomas for linner. It was the nicest place on the wharf, right there among the fishing boats. I was still dressed in road clothes…

but the staff never blinked and it was a great meal.

Afterwards, Anthony and Nicole had to go, so Kris and I were left to our own devices. Kris actually had to get back before long, so we decided to walk to the top of Telegraph Hill and check out the Coit Tower, which is a memorial to firefighters.

The fog was rolling in so few Kodak Moments

We kept wandering. Found ourselve under a pyramid with a glowing top – haha

We parted at a BART stop, and I wandered on The Embarcadero up the Barbary Coast

and mused on what to say about a journey from


For certain I’ve pondered the walls of my destination and expect to convey some of my thoughts. Regardless, the greater journey remains far from over…


Continuing on, I board a train on the 31st for LA, where I will meet up with Sheriff Mack at a rally on 8/2. There I intend to discuss the effort to get his book to every sheriff in the nation and where we can help. The website will be changing around and I hope to post a section here where we can track progress. (I know that Oklahoma is keen, and ripe…) At the rally I will be meeting with them ubiquitous Phoenix r3V folk, who will be giving me a lift to my new home in Santa Fe, NM, where I will be part of the KokeshForCongress team and continuing the mission.

And as far as actual riding,… the next major ride is on the boards. As always, I’ll need help. Stay tuned…


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  1. July 29th, 2009 at 19:59 | #1

    Mahalo…Mahalo Nui Loa!…aloha.

  2. July 29th, 2009 at 20:10 | #2

    As I said over on myface: Michael, in the two months since we have seen you, we have watched you daily. We have tracked your progress, had some mid day chats, laughed at your blogs, got a little chocked up on some. At times we just wanted to “check in” to make sure you were okay…And while it may seem odd, although you were often out “there” alone, I felt as though it was you watching over us…You have taught us all many things about innate resolve, the human spirit, and perseverance. Through your journey we have learned a little more about who we are and where we are going. We are grateful to know you, and have you as a friend…Mahalo nui loa. Aloha.

  3. Karlene
    July 30th, 2009 at 04:02 | #3

    Michael, your dad would be in awe and so very proud as am I.

  4. August 5th, 2009 at 08:32 | #4

    Michael, if you are ever “Back in Indiana, or need anything, please call me.

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