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Last Day in Oklahoma

June 23rd, 2009
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And I sure am glad I came. These folk down here are at the front of the pack and driving hard. Many and much mahalo to all who came down to say hi, helped out, and rode with me for quite a few miles. Y’all have a great state full of decent people. Weathered faces with easy smiles and all glad to hear my message. I absolutely love using something like the following, “and this here grassroots group is lobbying congress hard to audit the federal reserve… (you know they ain’t really federal and reserves is bit of a stretch, as well), anyway, we figure that there is the vipers nest, itself. And if we audit it, it’ll all become clear how they’ve been robbing us blind. Then, we can get rid of ’em like we have twice before in US History… ”

Everyone seems to respond well to the “vipers nest” bit; had one guy give me the ol’ “good luck-haha” – till I told him we were up to 220 co-sponsors (237 as I writeย  ๐Ÿ™‚ wonder what kind of sneaky tricks they are thinking up… ) That made em think for a bit…

Anyway, OK was more than OK. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Pedaling today was hot, but with a slight tailwind, quite a relief from the last week or so of headwinds

Above, I am on a frontage road, cooling off under an overpass. Had a curious experiance under an interstate overpass today.ย  I was taking a break when an old white pickup pulled over and backed toward me. I got up to say hi. The old man asked what I was up to, I gave him the spiel, he asked if he could buy me a soda at the nearby store, I declined saying thanks, but I have water and did not want to pedal off the interstate. Then… he asked me if, “I play around?” OMG – I was hit on by a dirty old man at an interstae rest area, (albiet, not an offical rest area, but still). I politely declined, and walked away, shaking my head… strange… The girls on Facebook are all teasing me about being cute, and how I should be flattered (grrrrr… – lol) When hotties start pulling over for me on the interstate, then I’ll be more agreeable… haha

Had a couple construction issues today

Never a good sign… Having a lane closed is one thing, being closed to standard wide loads means something entirely different. I pedaled up to it to find major overpass work and tiny lanes. If I had to I could have timed the traffic, turned up the volume, and pedaled like the hounds of hell were behind me for the short distances involved, but luckily there was a frontage road that turned into a great detour.

It started out a bit rough, took a few chances (rather than fire up the computer for a detailed look at the dilemna), asked a few locals, and found a route not all that much longer, nor very much rougher, and only a bit hillier. What was cool about it was it turned into a historic section of 66 that had the original on one side of me, the “Historic” that I was on, and the interstate on the other side of me. Three generations in parellel…

Even better, the road was hardly travelled, and with the tailwind I had gotten almost 50miles from 1 battery, had 10miles to go with 2 full batts, so turned up the juice and flew the last few miles. I still havent really opened it up, (without ground support, don’t want to take any chances and am gentle with the rig…), but I really love the upgrades on this bike. I hopen to get around to a post dedicated to the rig, one of these days…

Pedaling here in the open west gives me planty time to think, and one of the things I’ve been thinking about regards a sticker on my bike.The one below the RP signature one that say’s, “Classical Liberal”

Ya know, one of the prima ways our country has been stolen from us is the curruption and mis-se of language, words. It really is that simple. Take the word “liberal” for example. The people using it are certainly not liberal, in the classic sense. In fact, they are quite the opposite and giving the term a bad name. And on the supposedly other side we have the neo-cons using it like the ultimate insult. So basically, both supposed sides of the virtual aisle are giving true liberals a bad name. In other words, they are giving liberty lovers a bad name. Us!!!

I think we should take it back from them. They took it from us, no reason we can’t take it back…

“I am a liberal”, a conservative one, at that…


Oh yeah,ย  an OK Deputy surprised me with a second star …


pedal pedal

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  1. Mike
    June 23rd, 2009 at 21:37 | #1

    Pretty cool, sorry I missed you! Great ideas and a great way to get the word out to people – they definitely can gauge your degree of commitment when you talk with them…

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