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New Mexico’s Rt 66

July 2nd, 2009
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Good to get back on the bike after the day in Santa Fe. At least it was good after I found my way out of Adam’s nieghborhood… The road on google maps did not reflect reality and I ended up all twisted around in a neighborhood of highwalls, kinda like being in a maze… A city worker set me straight soon enough, and I was on my way. 65 miles, mostly downhill, mid 90s, hot winds

I had to ride the interstate a bit today, but mapped as many secondary roads as possible while in District 3, where Adam Kokesh is exploring a run for Congress. I seeded the route with Kokesh pushcards and announcements for the July 4th Event and Money Bomb. Got quite a few out, fell right back into stride…

Found myself back on Rt 66

I like the small towns I’ve been going through here. Kinda reminds me of the westside of Kauai. Hot, dry, and just the right amount of funk…

Saw a welcome sight in the town of Algodones, NM. (pop 888)

I left some calling cards in the fence, you can see bottom right of the sign.

And here is the Sandia Mountains. The second ridge looks like good climbing and was like a siren song all day…

Waiting for Ed now, they are on the way over from AZ. We will need to work out how we are going to shuttle for Adam’s event, and getting started in AZ. Might be a bit confusing over the next few days… I’m really looking forward to it.

Been working on a more philosophical post, hope I finish it… for now, a nap.


pedal pedal… 😉

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    Well I now know that at least one person has seen my C4L sign. 😉

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