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Oklahoma is Keeping Me Busy

June 20th, 2009
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The Sooner State seems to be living up to it’s name in regards to the r3VOLution. Not only are the activists enthusiastically busy, but the general people I am meeting, and the sheriffs, all are reacting very positively to the message I am spreading. It really is a cool state. The residents all seem to have a connection with their home that, again, reminds me of Hawaii.

I left off with LR-6 (aka acptulsa) pedaling up from Tulsa to accompany me into town.

Unfortunately for him, the ride out was mostly downhill and downwind, meaning the ride back was… (not easy – haha) By the end of the day we were taking a few breaks…

We made it in time for the BBQ, but was a bit longer of a day that Anthony figured – haha

On the way we had some productive stops. First was the Sheriff  Office of Rogers County.

Neither was the actual sheriff,. both were decent guys. The officer on the left was the Captain, he took a bit to warm up, but the other officer caught right on, and was very agreeable. The more I talk to these fellow Americans, the more I am convinced that the Law Enforcement outreach aspect of this journey is a very good thing to be doing. We are earning respect for standing up for ourselves, and our beliefs. I am stoked to hear of the ride encouraging the expansion this outreach effort. You don’t have to ride a bike, but you can get a set of materials and go say hi to your sheriff…

Another thing that OK is capitalizing on is the “news” aspect of this trip. I’ve had two local news interviews in two days. Here is Jessica from the Claremore Daily Progress

This is another area we could do better in, cultivating relationships with local media, and becoming local media. The 4th Estate is a very real force in American Politics, while all the people running for various political positions is great, we could also use liberty people entering the news field as well.

Here is another mention from an “in the wild” interview (no-one had contacvted this paper)


And so it starts… News coverage should build as I get further along…

Before we left Claremore, we stopped at a massive gun Museum, http://www.thegunmuseum.com  Any gun enthusiasts who are passing in this area should not miss the place…

and then we pedaled on

talked to a few folk…

saw a blue whale

Oh, did I mention it was windy

Anyway, we made it to Tulsa, where we had a great Meet-Up BBQ and I got to talk to lots of liberty folk. One thing they seem to have here is a strong “team player” attitude. Humble strength of conviction in the righteousness of our cause and the need to do whatever to advance the cause…

The next day was a sorta easy ride, had a glitch to deal with in the AM, but Jay Blevin came through and solved that dilemna.

We pedaled to the Sheriff Office where we had a long conversation with two deputies, and though I’ll respect the off the record nature of some of the comments, I’ll say these two boys are definitely on our side… After talking to potential Mayoral Candidate Clay Clark we mounted up and pedal into the bright OK sun.

Anthony got me safely back on to RT 66 and turned back to home… Was a great time and I’m stoked to have have a long time LibertyForest member join the ranks of LibertyRiders. And he pedaled quite far, close to 50 miles… (only my brother beats that, – though BJ Lawson comes close…)

Next stop was Creek County Sheriff, again it was quite busy and I took no pics myself, but we had supporters, reporters, officers and gubernatorial candidate Senator Randy Brogdon even came down. Quite the honor, and quite a guy. Definitely a political animal, and definitely relishes sticking it to the status quo. Listening to him interact with the people going past us into the sheriff office was great. I really like the man and hope the best for his race.

The Chief finally came out to see what all the commotion on his front step was about, and I did the presentation right there, in front of all, including a reporter, Brian, from a Salpulpa paper (The Herald?) Again, the Sheriffs I am meeting are very agreeable. This one was more personable right off the bat, lots of locals around helped in that regard. He brought up references to the tragedy of gun control failures as soon as I started touching on the “historical warnings” aspect of the pitch. All in all a great busy stop

I look forward to seeing the articles and pics people were taking… I have somevideo and will try to get it off for processing before I get on the road…

The rest of the day was hot and windy, good practice for what I will be facing for the next few weeks…

I made it here to Bristow, got an alright room, took a shower, and was picked up by Pastor Tim Gillespie of Drumwright OK, who brought me up to their place for a homecooked dinner and fantastic pie :). His wife, Jennifer, and he are quite the couple. Happy first year Anniversary is coming up – still newlyweds – great to see.

He was a former county GOP chair, now treasurer… very active; on the election board (where we should have more people as well). He has an interesting pespective…

Well, always more I could write and more I need to do, so will close this with something that happened on the road.

I make quite a sight pedaling down the road and usually always draw peoples eye. Yesterday as I was pedaling along a quad (fourwheeler ATV) came out of a trail and turned along a path on the other side of the ditch just off the shoulder, and came towards me. On it was a father and his young son, the classic, “taking the boy for a ride” image that most all of us cherish somewhere deep in our memory. I got a huge smile and watched as we approached each other… the thing was, the son was looking at me with the huge eyes of innocence, little mouth agape in wonder at the colorful contraption rolling by, the sparkle of fresh eyes as he responded to my returning smile.And the father never saw me at all.

He was deep in concentration, holding a precious treasure in his lap while navigating the bumps of the simple trail. Chugging along, as slow as you go, his eyes never wavered from the trail in front of him…

Ain’t that America?

As I pedaled away, tears of simple joy cooled my cheeks, as I said my little prayer of thanks for such moments, seeing quite clearly why I ride.

So that father doesn’t have to…

pedal pedal


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  1. Dee Dobson
    June 20th, 2009 at 10:21 | #1

    Thank you Michael for what you are doing for me and my family. I intend to keep up the good fight. I was thrilled to see you in person yesterday and pray that you will be safe and make your goal. You are truly a patriot, and I am truly grateful. Thank you. Dee

  2. June 20th, 2009 at 13:18 | #2

    You got me with the “tears of simple joy cooled my cheeks”…sweet.

    Pedal, pedal…

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