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May 7th, 2009
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CONTACT Rachael McIntosh media@libertyrider.com

Tuesday May 6, 2009


Riding his Bicycle from The Statue of Liberty to Alcatraz, Activist Michael Maresco Pedals Symbolically from Freedom to Fascism


Liberty State Park, NJ: On Sunday May 24, 2009 at 11am in Liberty State Park, NJ, Bicyclist Michael Maresco will begin a 63 day – 4000 mile journey across the continental United States of America. While traversing the country on a modified WalMart Schwinn, Mr. Maresco plans to meet with Governors and County Sheriffs to discuss their vital roles in preserving citizens’ liberty and a constitutionally correct Rule of Law.

“The sheriff absolutely has the power and responsibility to defend his citizens against all enemies, including those from our own Federal Government,” says Michael Maresco, better known as the Ron Paul Rider and Walk for Freedom organizer. “My hope is that fellow Americans will take notice of this bike ride, with the topics being discussed, and take an honest look at the problems fast overwhelming this country.”

44 year old Hawaii resident, Maresco continues, “The marriage of special interests and government has put America on a slippery slope. I’m making this ride to emphasize, that relief from the current ‘crisis’ will ultimately come from individual citizens interacting positively with their neighbors, not from a corporatized central government, which appears to be the way its going now.  Hence the theme of my ride from freedom to fascism. ”

The book, The County Sheriff – America’s Last Hope by Sheriff Richard Mack and DVDs from the Committees Of Safety and Oathkeepers will be distributed to each County Sheriff during Mr. Maresco’s scheduled meetings. Pocket constitutions and Ron Paul’s The Revolution a Manifesto have also been generously donated by the Campaign for Liberty for distribution during the 63 day – 4000 mile “Ride for Honesty”.

“Designed as an outreach campaign, The Ride for Honesty is not a protest or demonstration,” says Nick Ramaglia, Local Logistics Coordinator for the Ride. “In each town Michael passes through he will directly address, in an understated yet memorable way, the condition of our country and the solution to its troubles: namely, the principles of Liberty and The Constitution.”

You can track Michael Maresco’s progress and find more information regarding THE RIDE FOR HONESTY at http://libertyrider.com/

Media please contact Rachael McIntosh at media@libertyrider.com for PHOTO OP info and additional support.


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