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June 11th, 2009
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To start this post I want to thank all of you who are helping and cheering us on. It’s a tough message to pedal, nasty at times, but I think you’ll all agree that things like this, Must. Be. Done. I can’t really say I’m “happy” to be pedaling towards Alcatraz, to visualize the grim history symbolized in this ride. But I am satisfied. I am satisfied that with the help of my fellow roots, we are doing… something.

I grieve for my country and I want to see her back in hands of the only safe stewards of true freedom, peace, and prosperity, you. All of you I’ve met in my travels. The vast majority of you are such good hearted folk, with the wisdom of common sense. We just need to reach out, and connect. Most everyone I talk sees what we all see. We are the teeming masses, we just need to talk to one another. We can’t all ride a bike a ridiculous distance, but we can all do much more than we usually think ourselves capable. Every second we wait is one more second a child will live under tyranny.

And so I ride, connecting us all on a fragile thread across this nation, sowing seeds along the way. Satisfied…
…and that’s so much more important than being happy…

mahalo and much aloha


“Let it not be said we did nothing” – Ron Paul


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