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Slow Connection/Quick Post

June 25th, 2009
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I am in Alanreed TX. Pop-53.  Am posting through a 1x connection on my phone so will be brief.

Cross a border is always cool

You can see some touristas taking pictures as well. As soon as I got this shot, I pedaled up and pitched them, so basically started working Texas as soon as I arrived – haha.

There were no county seats on the route, but Shamrock TX has a sub-station that I detoured to and met a real Texas Lawman

We had a long conversation. He was raised a Democrat and feels his party left him, like I feel the GOP left me. He thinks the radicals, on both sides, are in charge and wonders if they are trying to provoke a violent scenario. He thought I was Libertarian, at first, and didn’t care for third parties (“spoilers”) I came back with some history of parties in this country and the “lessor of two evils is still evil” philosophy. I explained how I had always leaned right, but that I had usually given my top ticket votes to the LP rather than vote for, what I considered evil. That got him thinking. All in all a great stop

There is a Rt66 Landmark in Shamrock

I wish I had time to GIMP out the wires…

Pedaling was pretty smooth, slight tailwinds and mostly good surfaces… Ran into one section of full shoulder rumblestrips that rattled me until I could get off onto a frontage road. Got back on later and it was less severe. On the frontage road I saw this whimsical spread

Also, had some interesting conversations at truckstops. You meet all kinds out here…

pedal pedal

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