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Listen to the CLC Gets Grizzly Tuesday, Aug. 25 for a Wrap-Up of the Liberty Ride

August 23rd, 2009

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Click to visit Liberty Rider

Click to visit Liberty Rider

Join us this Tuesday evening, August 25 at 7pm CDT / 8pm EDT / 6pm MDT / 5pm PDT

on the Constitutional Liberty Coalition Gets Grizzly!

on Blog Talk Radio

This week, we will have Liberty Rider Michael Maresco as our guest for the full hour to review his Ride for Honesty.

Michael spent over two months this summer riding a bike across the country, starting at the Statue of Liberty and ending at Alcatraz Prison to symbolize freedom to fascism.

Click to visit the Liberty Rider website

Click to visit the Liberty Rider website

But Michael’s trip had other purposes, several of which he would like to see continued even though his ride is over.

To listen to the show, just click on the icon below.

Just click on the image above to listen to the show

Just click on the image above to listen to the show

If you have questions for Michael, the call in number for the show is 646-915-9997.

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Video from Claremore Oklahoma – live interview with Michael!

June 19th, 2009

Some footage Bryan Mayberry shot of Liberty Rider Michael Maresco in Claremore Oklahoma – terrific interview (thanks Bryan!)

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Ride For Honesty…Begins Sunday, May 24th

May 24th, 2009

Thanks to ROBPATOZZ for this posted just before my trip began.

See you soon!/mm (editor’s note – the article says in 10 hours,

but the journey has begun with Michael on his way to NJ now)


In approximately 10 hours, Liberty Rider, Michael Maresco will begin the start of another historic journey. Riding for honesty, he will traverse these great United States, spreading the message of freedom.

While the preparation began months ago, Michael will mount his trusty stead, aka Wal-Mart Schwinn bicycle, outfitted with many modern conveniences, on May 24th, 2009. After taking the Ferry to see Lady Liberty, he will return to terra-firma and start his sixty three day trek. I will have the pleasure (and pain) of joining him for a portion of the South Eastern Pennsylvania leg of this journey on Monday, the 25th, Memorial Day.

Our day will culminate with a good old fashion Memorial Day cookout, sponsored by the local C4L. In addition to Michael being our guest of honor, we will be met by Chester County Sheriff, Carolyn Bunny Welsh. Bunny is the only female sheriff in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She will join us for the festivities, and speak to our Liberty Rider regarding the Sheriffs’ role as the highest elected constitutional authority in the county.

We hope you can join us!!

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Zen and The Art of Pedaling a Bicycle

May 17th, 2009

Well, 7 days out. Will be six before many people read this.

Time to start the journal.

I’d like to get one thing out of the way right off the bat, and it may surprise a few of you, but I am not a cyclist.

In fact, I am not even much of a fitness buff, at all. I’ve never been to a gym, haven’t formerly exercised since High School, and before the Ride for Ron Paul, had never owned a road bike, nor pedaled more than a few miles in any one direction. So, though I’ve quite a bit of experience pedaling, now, I am still not a cyclist.

This surprises plenty of people I meet. Many think I just took something I enjoy and worked it into a political event. The truth of the matter is that I was watching too many people debating tactics/philosophy online and not enough posting evidence of taking those tactics to the street. So I decided to do something outrageous, so far outside of my “box” that even the most timid supporter might look and say, well if that Hawaiian guy can pedal a bike across the country for freedom, I can go knock on my neighbors door.

And it worked.

That remains the greatest satisfaction from the last ride. Not the thrill of finishing, not the celebrity it brought me, not even meeting and riding with Ron Paul. The greatest satisfaction I get from that ride is the testimony of people I meet, who tell me that the effort encouraged them to step out of their own box, and opened up a whole new world of effective activism to them. That is how I judge success. To me, there is little difference between approaching that first mountain range, and approaching their first door. Both are equally intimidating in the eyes of the beholder. Getting to the top of that first range, or walking away from that first door, is a watershed moment for most. When we realize that we CAN do this. With a little bit of courage, and a  LOT of determination we can do things we never dreamed. And that is how we will take back control of our government. Persistence, determination, and a little bit of courage. It may not be sexy, and may not even be much fun, but it certainly is satisfying at the end of the day. Knowing you did everything in your power to advance the cause of liberty and leave a better world than we were born into. Indeed, it truly is not, whether we win or lose, but how we play the game.

So, well wishers tell me how much fun I’ll be having. And yes, I will enjoy meeting all of you on the route, I will enjoy seeing the light turn on behind peoples eyes as I pitch the ideas of the r3VOLution to them, I will, also, enjoy some of the beautiful scenery this great country has to offer. I’m sure I will laugh and sing with new met friends, and that will be fun, but pedaling? No, sorry, that is not much fun at all. It is hot, dirty, and dangerous on the roads I’ll be traveling. It takes enormous concentration to watch ahead for pitfalls and tube shredders. The bike seat becomes harder with each passing mile, my knees start talking to me, and on long days they start yelling. No, I do not expect to have a ton of fun on this trip, but the satisfaction of hearing one person explain that the effort encouraged them to find such determination in themselves, that to me is priceless.

Now, back to the title of this post. What I do enjoy, while pedaling, is the chance to think, to meditate on all I’ve learned and experienced, and focus my mind on ways to further our cause. Pedaling is kind of mindless, it just takes a sharp eye, a good ear, and a steady pace. When my mind is free to ponder, not clouded by the online noise and incessant calls for help from all corners, I am better able to discern the culture of the area I am in and tailor my message to suit.  And by being out there, talking to people outside our circles, I know the circles grow.

And that is why I do it.


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New Meetup Group formed for Ride for Honesty!

May 17th, 2009

Welcome to the Ride for Honesty!

This cross country bicycle trek is inspired by the boundless enthusiasm of the American People for freedom, justice, tolerance, and charity.

Mike Maresco, the Ron Paul Rider, rode his bicycle across the country in 2007, inspired by the growing need for Freedom in America. Along the way, he met many liberty activists, and had the chance to ride with Ron Paul for 10 miles around his home in Lake Jackson, TX. In 2008, he co-sponsored the Great American Walk for Freedom, a 280 mile journey of freedom and brotherhood from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is back in 2009 for another ambitious cross country trek. His theme this time is America: Freedom to Fascism, inspired by the popular film by the prophetic film maker Aaron Russo. Michael’s choice of start and finish for his journey is related to his theme – from New York City’s Statue of Liberty (Freedom) to San Francisco’s Alcatraz Island (Fascism).

The Ride for Honesty begins May 24 in NYC and ends July 22 in California.

The official website is

Help Mike with a ChipIn on the official website.

Check out the route and join us along the way!

To join meetup click here!

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Ride For Honesty Inspires Arkansas FREEDOM Book Drive

May 16th, 2009

I am pleased as punch with this report from the good folk down in Arkansas. There is very little more satisfying, to a person like myself, than seeing people pick up a ball I threw on the field and running with it. Looks like Arkansas is going for a TD. Here is the report:

As wise men say, “the fight for FREEDOM starts in your own backyard.” And fight for FREEDOM we shall. There are seventy-five counties in Arkansas. That means that there are seventy-five county Sheriff’s serving the great citizens of our great state. Each county Sheriff in Arkansas should have a copy of “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope”, a well researched book written by former Graham County, Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack. Sheriff Mack, a long time crusader for freedom and individual rights states, “Right now, it is vital that we restore the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. The greatest threat we face today is not terrorists; it is our own federal government. If America is conquered or ruined it will be from within, not a foreign enemy.” Not only should our Sheriff’s have a copy of “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope”, but they should also have a copy of Congressman Ron Paul’s book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto.” Additionally, our Governor Mike Beebe, and our four Congressmen and both Senators should receive a copy of each book as well. I believe it would also be a good idea to ensure that Governor Beebe, our four Congressmen, our State Treasurer, Attorney General, Lt. Governor, and both our Senators receive a copy of Thomas E. Woods, Jr., newest book, “Meltdown: A Free Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make things Worse.”

The Arkansas FREEDOM Book Drive is inspired by the valiant efforts of Campaign for Liberty Patriot Michael Maresco, the LibertyRider who pedaled his bicycle across America to promote Ron Paul during his presidential campaign. Thursday night I had the privilege and honor of having Michael as a guest on Patriot Pastor’s Radio. You can listen to the archived version online on your computer here or download it direct to your Ipod. Michael will soon be heading out for a second journey, pedaling his bicycle from sea to shining sea for the noble and just cause of sweet liberty. During his journey, he will be passing out books to county Sheriffs and county executives along the way.

Unfortunately, Michael’s journey will not permit him to pass through Arkansas (view the map here). However, we Arkansans can take up the slack and ensure our Sheriff’s each receive a copy of Sheriff Mack’s and Ron Paul’s books.

During the radio show with guest Michael Maresco, I made a personal pledge that if our four congressmen co-sponsor HR 1207, I would allow my son to cut the hair off the top of my head. I have a full head of hair, but at my age, once it’s cut, it may not grow back. Please note that I did not say “shave”. However, he will use the WAHL with no attachments, so afterwards my head will look like a five o’clock shadow on the full moon.

If you already have copies of any of the three books listed and would like to donate them to be used for the Arkansas FREEDOM Book Drive, please mail them to:

Caleb Kinley

203 Blakehill Loop

Hot Springs, AR 71913-9169

We’ll certainly need your donations to purchase the books, packaging materials, and postage. We will hand deliver all the books we can with your help, but we may have to snail mail some books if we have no one to deliver them personally in certain areas of the state. Each package we hand deliver or snail mail will include a nice letter from myself, the regional coordinators, and will contain Campaign for Liberty literature including information in regards to H.R. 1207. There will be no advertisements in the packages as they are strictly C4L and issue related. I know a couple of you are running for office, however, as a 501c4 Lobbying organization, we cannot include any potential political candidate’s campaign information in our deliveries, not even Congressman Paul’s if he were running for office.

The cost of the books alone is $1,953.30. This does not include taxes (if any), shipping and handling fee’s, package materials, C4L literature, postage, and perhaps a price break for bulk rates. I do know that Sheriff Mack’s book in bulk is sold at $8.00 per book, $9.00 single. I will try to get a better bulk rate price, but there is no guarantee that Mr. Mack could or would take a smaller bulk rate. I believe this would be up to his publisher. If you would like to help out financially (and we DO need your financial help), please make out checks or money orders to Campaign for Liberty (donations are NOT tax deductible) and write “project Arkansas” in the ‘for’ or memo section of the check or money order and mail to:

Campaign for Liberty

6186 Old Franconia Rd. Ste B

Alexandria, VA 22310

Number of Book’s we will need:

“The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope- 82 x $8.00= $656.00

“The Revolution, A Manifesto- 82 x $13.65= $1, 119.30

“Meltdown- A minimum of 10 x $17.80= $178.00

Total- $1,953.30 (does not include tax, shipping and handling fee’s, package materials, C4L literature, postage, etc.

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#R4liberty hashtag on twitter announced

May 12th, 2009

Just letting everyone know about our hashtag for Michael’s Ride 4 Liberty which was used on a couple of messages tonight.  If everyone uses #R4liberty on messages about the journey, then anyone wanting to see what was said that day can search on the #R4liberty hashtag.  Here’s one of my twitters for an example:

Liberty Rider Launches soon/Maresco to cross USA spreading freedom msg/get involved! #r3s #clcs #R4liberty


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