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Taking That Day in Santa Fe

July 1st, 2009
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I had an extra day scheduled for here, was gonna skip it to get back on schedule (am a day behind), but changed my mind. I’ll make it up over the next couple few days, as I can leave a lot of weight here for the RV Ed has rented to cross AZ.

Yep, my brother from another mother, Ron Paul Rider #3, Ed Vallejo, (on left late Oct ’07)

has rented an RV for crossing AZ. Not only that, but he, and Tom Costanza of Freedom’s Phoenix, are pedaling border to border with me. The ride is gonna get interesting – hehe

I’m stoked.  AZ has been at the forefront of this r3VOLution since Ron Paul formed the exploratory committee. And guys like Ed, and Ernie Hancock, and Buck (above right) have been in the liberty fight  for years… They upped the bar on my first trip, and seem to be planning the same on this one.

Having a chase vehicle changes things dramatically, an RV even more so. I can basically pedal with an empty bike and use power at will while extras charge. Ed will have an e-bike, as well. And Tom is an active cyclist. So I imagine Tom will be setting the pace while Ed and I tool along… Wooohooo!!!

Definitely stoked

Today, I’ve been working on the bike (cart had some duct tape repairs that set it a bit off, and one of the side signs barely touched the wheel, when the cart was fully loaded, making a rubbing sound that gets quite annoying), did laundry, got some more fliers printed, etc.  Nice to have some time to do all this without having to pedal, as well.

So, I am here at Adam Kokesh’s and they are working hard on exploratory committee stuff. Getting ready for the Independance Day Celebration/Money Bomb. Here is the core team hard at work

Adam is on the phone

Jared is concentrating

till he realized I was taking candids – haha

Sean is playing with Blue

Tina is multitasking

and Adam is still on the phone, thinking…

It has been good seeing how dedicated and enthusiastically they are working.

Another thing that has impressed me about the Kokesh run is the level of opposition I am seeing. It seems some powerful people are nervous about him running and that is always a good sign.

That’s about it for now, we played around with a video camera today and may have something for you all tonight…

tinker tinker…


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