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The Nevada Desert Pt 3

July 22nd, 2009

I’m glad I waited till I was out of the desert before finishing reflecting on it. While researching routes I ran across an account where an Aussie was going W>E and saw a cyclist coming the other way who met his greeting with a blank stare… While Dave kept me from being reduced to such a state, days in that bleak, forbidding heat can easily color ones observations unnecessarily negative.

I remain in awe of the early pioneers; explorers, mountain men, 49’ers. I just can’t imagine heading into such desolation with no roads, etc.. The great unknown… I am fascinated by the remains of trails and railbeds that follow the modern strip of asphalt that led me, imagining the type of folk who have passed this way through history.

The Beatty to Tonapah run was long, but (for the most part) cooler than the day before. There were two valleys that got very hot, but was climbing into cooler temps (120 or so on the road side) the whole day.

I got to the top of this summit after 60 miles or so. And looked down on another hot valley with another summit in the distance. But what this valley had that the other had not, was the really cool old town of  Goldfield, NV.An old mining town that, at it’s height, was the most populated place in NV. It has since shrank, and the ruins are everywhere, but it is not a ghost town by any means and had some great visuals.

If I was on a pleasure cruise I would have stayed and (with a better still cam) would have taken lots more photos. Still wondering what this thing is/was…

We found this place:

and absolutely had to stop in

bring them some literature and have a frosty cold beverage

The place had been open since 1905 and the original owner was killed in a gunfight. Jack Dempsey and Virgil Earp had stayed there, and we would have too, had the internet been up (or even if I had cel service). But alas, no connection at all, so after one cold one, I saddled back up for a 26 miles slog across another hot valley and up another large hill, to Tonapah, where we spent a fairly un-eventful night getting ready for the 104 mile day between towns to follow.

to be continued after I get some grub…

One more pic though. Here is Dave and I trying to figure out how the timer function works on his new camera – haha

pedal pedal

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  1. Alyssa Klingenberg
    July 22nd, 2009 at 13:44 | #1

    Great to see you, Michael! You are a champion for the cause. Keep up the awesome activism! Thank you.

  2. July 23rd, 2009 at 00:36 | #2

    To: Mike “The Liberty Rider” Maresco [aka LR1]
    Thanks for the opportunity to accompany you across the badlands of Nevada [my home state]. I’ve known; lived and served with [as a soldier]; patrolled with [as a deputy sheriff] pursued bad guys with [as an LVMPD motorcycle sergeant] and team-worked with about 600 years of experience [20 retired cops from all around the country working as special deputy U.S. Marshals] in-other-words a whole lot of “TOUGH GUYS” but Mike what I personally saw you accomplish in the six days and 470 miles (sixty-seven increments of seven [7] miles each) that we were together takes the CAKE! Any one of the aforementioned men I spoke of would be honored to have you as his partner. In addition to all that you’re honest as the day is long/HOT!) you’re also Fruuuuuuuuuugal [thrifty, prudent, economical, careful, penny-wise, parsimonious, tight, stingy, meager] as a Scotsman with your supporters donations [I believe you’d spend the night in a two dollar covered wagon if it had Wi-Fi!] Luckily, I found you a benefactor for our last night in Carson City (Nevada’s state capitol) at a plush motel (with Wi-Fi).
    God speed and may He continue to surround you with angels (like the one I took the gun away from even though he said it was just a toy – better safe than sorry).

    In Liberty and Fidelity,

    Oath keeper since 1960

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