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The Nevada Desert Pt 4

July 23rd, 2009
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Tonopah to Hawthorne – 104 miles. Longest distance to date, of both trips. Started out great. 24 miles of mostly downhill cruising. Two problems with that is that, until I reach the coast, there is always another hill to climb on the far end of each downhill, and the heat in the valley flats is intense.

At the bottom are drylakes

where I watched a mairage shift for miles and got this pic

It was kinda mesmerizing. At times I could see the peaks behind reflected.

I saw some feral burros

Came across a most unusual sign (with a story behind it)

There actually is a lobster farmer in the Nevada Desert. And that’s kinda the beginning of the story. You gotta love this guy. From the article,

A lifelong resident of the Mina area, Eddy raised cattle for decades. Tired of federal rules and boom-and-bust market prices for beef, the 59-year-old went searching for a new career seven years ago.

He found he could sell lobster for $14 a pound. Just as important, nobody in the federal or state government had dreamed up regulations to hinder such an endeavor.

We had lunch at his place; at this time, the state has figured out a way to “regulate” him and his operation is temporarily shut down. He said an interesting thing about tyrants, “They may control the cities, but the country is much bigger than that, and the redneck rules the hinterlands.”  And that is why I think it is so important to bring the solutions we have out there…

Anyway, if you notice in the last pic, clouds were moving in a a storm was brewing. While the clouds provided cool shade, the storm brought strong winds which made the rest ofthe day quite… interesting. I dodged this duststorm

which went into the mountains

These things can be quite ominous… I pedaled through one and the wind was buffeting me around like a balloon on a rollercoaster. Everytime I saw a new squall approaching I would grit my teeth, brace myself, and pedal into the maelstorm. To say the least I was stoked to finally see Hawthorne (and Walker Lake – not a mirage) in the distance.

And it looks like the desert will need one more post to finish…

pedal pedal

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  1. July 24th, 2009 at 07:59 | #1

    Many thanks Michael. Your name came up several times this week as we educated State legislators about the Constitution (specifically the 2nd and 10th amendments), and sound money at the NCSL in Philly. We were manning the Committees of Safety booth with the founder, fellow patriot and activist Walter Reddy. We all send our love. Pedal, pedal brother…

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