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The Nevada Desert Pt2

July 20th, 2009

What can I say about the heat? It was intimidating, oppressive, and perhaps un-bearable in other circumstances, but these are the circumstances I faced and in order to succeed, must be born. KInda like the rising police state which inspired this ride. In the beginning the sheriff offices were intimidating, but after a while became less so. Same as the heat. It kinda spooked me when I saw the thermometer top 130 (shade). That meant I was pedaling in about 150 degrees… O.M.G.

But what could I do? Giving up while I can still walk is not an option. Yes, it would have been easy to say to Dave, ‘This is too dangerous and just too much, lets load up the bike and drive to the next town.”  But the thought never entered my brain. It wasn’t the challenge, it wasn’t pride, I don’t think it was stupidity, it was simply what I set out to do, and shirking due to fear or discomfort is not the way to win a r3VOLution. To win we must push ourselves past where we thought our limits might be (and by doing so most find that their limits are not so easily found, and the strength of voice such activism empowers is well worth the discomfort)

150 degrees…

I won’t ever do that again, if I can help it. And if I do, I’ll be even better prepared.

More pics…

A vast emptiness…

But not completely empty.  There are ghost-towns

and burros

and very expensive places to stay

The curiousity, and thought of AC, kept tempting me to stop in, (but I pedaled past…)

There are also, other wanderers

I pedaled up on Dave and this gentleman during the hottest part of the day. This pic was after Dave gave him the hat, white shirt, sunglasses, and water. He was dressed in heavy Carhart type gear (including an insulated vest), was pedaling a bike from Twin Falls, ID. to his camp in… Death Valley. Amazing… When Dave found him he was walking his bike due to the rumblestrips and seemed on his last legs. Dave, being the kind and helpful person he is, set him up for the next 30 miles to Beatty  After we parted Dave mentioned to me his mother telling him, “be careful how you treat people, you may be entertaining an angel”  Then I pedaled on.

to be continued…

pedal pedal


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  1. July 21st, 2009 at 06:49 | #1

    Now you know what I meant when I said you really haven’t pedaled through a desert yet. Keep on, it gets better, and maybe you will experience “the rain” out there…now that IS an experience!

  2. Terri Creech
    July 21st, 2009 at 20:17 | #2

    “be careful how you treat people, you may be entertaining an angel”

    Yes it’s always good to mind your angel karma. You never know, One may show up just when you need it and give YOU a ride to the next town. 🙂

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