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The Panhandle of Texas

June 26th, 2009
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Will be leaving it tomorrow. A quick run compared to the last (that seemed to go on forever. Texas is a big friggin state…)All Rt 66 towns, some of which gives one a real feel for the “Old West”. The picture of the Lawman of Shamrock, from a couple posts back, kinda defines that.

The stop at the Potter County Sheriff went well.

When I first pulled up I saw no furniture and guys painting. I thought, “hmmmm, remodeling?” So I opened the door and asked if this was still the sheriff office, it was. I asked if any were around, they were. By then I had noticed these guys were not your avg. “painter” looking types, so asked, “are you guys sheriffs?” They were – haha. They asked me what I wanted and I told them I was riding a bike cross country, had some stuff for them and I’d be right back…

As usual, they were a bit skeptical as I started, but remember, these are LEOs, they are suspicious and skeptical by profession. Again, as usual they warmed up as I talked about why I was there. They nodded heads as I mentioned the DHS reports and how outrageous they are. They agreed when I stated that the “modern freedom movement” is no domestic enemy and if anyone is, it is guys in suits in NY and DC. (They usually smile at that one) Then I hit em with a new line I’ve been developing about how, “the balance of power in this country is all off kilter, and the federal government is getting way too powerful. They are trying to federalize the police and that is a very dangerous thing. We need to restore the balance of power between FedGov and The States and you guys are on the front lines of that battle. So here is some info… (as I handed them a set including a copy of Vieira’s Constitutional Hoemland Security – thanks Tim-”  They liked that!

It was classic, by the time I left we had shaken hands like friends and both had a smile and good word for my safe travels. On the way out I remarked how impressed I was that they were doing the work themselves. They shrugged and said that it was “their office and the taxpayers don’t need to spend a god-awful amount of money for contractors to keep it nice”

Kudos to the Potter County Sheriff Dept, both for your hospitality, and more for being fiscally responsible with citizen money.

In other news, I want to thank y’all for buying me new tires and tubes for the bike. After the cart had it’s first flat yesterday, I noticed how thin the rubber was on the tires (they had been used on the last trip, as well. I’m real surprised I haven’t had more trouble with them and got this far with out a flat

The part you are looking at is about tube thin, and that is the tire I kept for a spare.

Here is one of the new tires

Not exactly a road tread (will slow me down slightly), but all they had for a set and will work just fine.

While there I got a spare front tire,

because the one I have on has some hefty gouges that are bubbling a bit and I’d hate to have a sidewall blowout far from a store, (duct tape’ll only get me so far – haha). And I also picked up spare tubes for goathead country…

So I should be set on rubber. Thanks all, peace of mind, heading into the desert, truly is priceless.

Finally, kudos to all who lobbied congress on the cap and trade bill. We need to just keep on keeping on. Increase the pressure from all sides. Win, Lose, or Draw, it’s how you play the game. Perhaps the Senate’ll go our way and we can kill it there. Also, we can tell who the Faux-GOP is by the votes and if you live in one of the turncoats districts. HAMMER THEM!!! In the press, at their office, at the GOP meetings/Lincoln dinners. return their fundraising appeals with parting “gifts” and THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!


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