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The Sierras

July 24th, 2009
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Not much to say about this. I absolutely love mountains, always have. Grew up close to the Catskills and was a serious rock-climber till I moved to Hawaii. I did have a great visit with a Deputy in this building,

When I left asking him to please pass the materials on, he said he would make it into a little gift pack and deliver it himself 🙂

I took an extra day in Tahoe, resorting and trying to catch up. Jumped in the lake, was amazing to feel the water after the desert. Leaving Tahoe I had a large climb then a looooooong downhill run. If I could have stayed on 50 it would have been glorious, but had to get off and onto navigate through Placerville to Green Valley Road (hilly, but mostly down). It was basically along the Pony Express route and that was kinda cool. Anyway, it was a 96 mile day (with a full load) to the west side of Folsom, where I sit right now.

Here are the pics

I came on this sign

which is the second one (saw one on the RP ride in Louisiana) which kinda hits my funny bone.

was stoked to reach the top

where I rested in the shade of a towering pine

Then started down to the lake where some nice Asian tourists asked to take a pic with me, then asked if I wanted them to take one of me on my cam

I pitched a cute lady cyclist (sorry no pic) and continued on finally reaching CA, the final state

The climb to Echo Summit had some tight sections

I just kept pedaling and finally made it

And from then on, (except for a climb to Pollack Pines) was all downhill.

I descended over 7000 feet in the course of the day (there is a massive waterfall in the above pic)

I laughed at this sign

One of the stores I stopped in was fun. I asked if I could leave some fliers, he said sure, when I came back in with them he was relieved when I showed him the F2F and Obama Deception vids. He said, “Great, this will go over well around here, I was hoping you weren’t going to bring in some pro-Obama garbage…” haha

Anyway, was long day so I did not take all that many pics. Today I will go through Sacramento and onto Davis (The Bike Capitol of the US). Then a 50+ mile ride to Vallejo where I will take the Western Express trans-con bike route into SF  (a ferry – hahahahhha) The locals have been quite adamant that taking the cart the long way into town is both dangerous, and stupid, for a cross country cyclist. “Take the Western Express, dont risk a problem this close to your destination, tha Napa/Golden Gate run is not worth the risk”

It is always good to heed the advice of locals and must say that I don’t mind the shorter distance. So tonight, Davis. Tomorrow Vallejo, and then Alcatraz. Right on schedule


pedal pedal

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  1. July 25th, 2009 at 10:17 | #1

    7382′ elevation! Wow! Go get them Mike, you’re a literal Tiger pedaling a bicycle!

    In Liberty and fidelity,


    P.S. Thanks for all your kind words; on top of everything else, you’re also a gentleman.

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