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Vegas Pt 2

July 17th, 2009
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After Freedom Fest, I was picked up by Dave Freeman, National Peace Officer Liaison for Oath-Keepers, and brought to his house for two days to get ready for some dangerous ground; the Nevada desert on the edge of Death Valley… eek

But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself…

We had a productive time in Vegas. Dave is a 30+year vet of the LV Metro Police (Sgt – Motorcycle Division) and he knows quite a few folk. So he got me in to see the Clark County Constable, Bobby G

Bobby deserves special mention.  The constables office is an electoral one, and perhaps more ancient that the sheriff. (Some reports say the constable is the only one who can arrest a sheriff, others say the coroner is – I imagine different jurisdictions handle these things differently…) They serve papers. When he took over it was running a deficit and the officers had no uniforms, vehicles, or firearms.  Now, the office has a large surplus and runs consistently in the black. The officers are armed, uniformed, have vehicles, and they are about to move to a bigger office – at no cost to the taxpayer.

Hmmm… I wonder where the money was going before Bobby G…

As usual, a little confused on why I was there, at first, but thanked me for the materials I dropped off, and gave me some great swag, including an “official” shot glass, and another star for the ride… Thanks Bobby

Next we went to the Sheriff Office, where we found out the Sheriff had to cancel, but we met with Asst. Sheriff Ray Flynn

He knew right what I was talking about when I got into the part about the DHS reports and even asked if I knew about the “Sovereign Nation” thing the Feds sent out a memo on. I said, “do you mean Sovereign Citizens.” He said, “yes, that’s it”  I said I know little of the nuts and bolts, but that it has something to do with the corporatization of the nation and birth certificates.  He said, “yeah, they don’t accept any government paperwork as valid.” I said that I imagine there is some merit to their concerns and I believe that the corporatization of America is a large part of the problems we face. As the card I gave him states, “Face the Facts – Gov’t INC. is Fascism” I hope he reflects on that and decides to look further into the other side of the story.

He was glad to get the Sheriff Mack book. The others he was just going to pass on to the sheriff, but he knew the Sheriff already had a copy so figured he’d get to read this one. I encouraged him to pass it around. All in all a good visit. He was a noticeably intelligent man, took notes, and promised to relay our conversation to his boss.

Then he gave me some more swag 🙂 A Patch, a Poker Chip, and… another star (so far, it’s a four star ride – haha)

Thanks, Ray…

Back at the ranch, Dave had decided that the desert was quite dangerous to travel alone, so he told his lovely wife Eileen that he’d be going away for a few days to accompany me across his state. A godsend…

But before we left, he did one other kindness that made my month. I haven’t been talking much of pain/etc. While most of it has been the normal aches of a working body, one thing was pretty bad. My sciatic started acting up in MO, and if you’ve had sciatic problems before, you know what that can be like. A dull ache and shooting pains. Finding a comfortable position for sitting was tough, and standing near impossible. Walking wasn’t bad, and I didn’t feel it at all on the bike, but I was kinda miserable for weeks…

Well, I mentioned my lament to Dave and, lo and behold, the man who knows everyone, knew a former officer who had become a Chiropractor. He called him up and told him my story.  The Doc comp’ed me two visits, and the pain was gone a day later. THANK YOU!!! Dr. Greg MacKay!!! May your business prosper.

Interestingly, while he was testing he did a strength test on my legs. The affected Ham and Glute (lft) were not firing on all cylinders (much weaker), because the nerve carrying the brain signals was pinched. After fixing it I have noticed the difference on the bike. Muscles on my left side had over – compensated and now my right side had to deal with the extra load… haha.

Needless to say I am a much happier man… Dave really is a godsend…

The last thing I did in Vegas was a send off dinner with the Oath-Keepers

and put a new sticker on the bike, (I think it fits perfectly)

Next post, the desert…

pedal pedal


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  1. July 17th, 2009 at 18:49 | #1

    You are the man…with you in spirit, pedal, pedal…

  2. July 19th, 2009 at 06:57 | #2
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    Haven’t seen you online of late and just dropped by to say hi! I visited my county sheriff Rick Silver (Washington County, Oklahoma) and delivered the set of books you left with me for him this week. I will post a story about it soon. It was a good visit!

    Sending love and prayers your way.


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