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Vegas (The Approach)

July 14th, 2009
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Lets see if I can catch up…

I left off crossing AZ after the Kokesh Independence Celebration. The final day was amazing.

Joan and Jeanne caught up with us as we reached Hoover Dam, and informed us that the temp was 119 deg. in the shade. That means the roadside temp was around 140.

Yep, 140 degrees. Baking hot… Kinda hard to believe, even though we were there…

But, like most challenges in life, sensibly using mind over matter, and keeping a determined eye on the goal, allows us to do things we never imagined. Allows us to do the kinds of things we will need to win. Extraordinary things. The term extraordinary is entirely subjective. Comepletly diiferent ballgames for each individual. The point is that we all need to find our limits, and reach past. Expand your limits. Keep pushing. Press On! I’ll be content with “I did what I could” when this body is rotting. For now, I intend to win!

Pedal pedal  – haha

Anyway, we made it to Hoover Dam

Where we were joined by Jeanne and Joan (who had recorded the temp- still waiting to see the pic 😉 ) I was concentrating on mapping the (added) next section, so missed the camera call…

Then we pedaled across from AZ

to NV

We stopped halfway across the dam for the AZ boys to savor their border to border success

and pitched a few passerby including these guys

pedaled up a steep friggin hill out of the canyon and came on the Welcome to Nevada sign

This is where Ed got off his bike, but Tom decided to accompany me to Vegas. We had a nasty long hill to climb after this shot, but from Boulder City to Henderson was a downhill breeze. Here is Tom after his accomplisment. The Kingman to Vegas run was close to 100 miles in baking heat. He has every reason to feel like he looks in this picture

We got a motel in Henderson and I went through the RV gathering my scattered belongings, (thinking, “how in the heck do I fit all this in that cart?” – haha) said uor goodbyes.

I’ll make a new post the continuing saga, but want to, again, thank from the top, bottom, and sides of my heart. The AZ r3VOLution team for the hospitailty and support. The armed escort across your state was classic. Mahalo Nui Loa

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  1. July 14th, 2009 at 17:02 | #1

    Baked, but not done. Much respect Michael. Pedal, pedal…

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